Almighty Solar Site Help

The Almighty Solar Site is your one-stop shop for all currently available Almighty music. In addition to our always-on store for Almighty singles and albums, we have now added a digital download facility allowing you to download high quality MP3s of our music. We'll be making the most of this by offering up long-deleted gems, new releases and exclusives.

The Almighty Solar Site operates with 128bit SSL security, so your details are completely secure. We accept payment by all major credit cards and PayPal.

Choose the music you wish to order from Almighty by locating products and/or tracks and adding them to your order.

Before you can pay for your order you need to register with the site - this allows for easy re-ordering and straightforward access to your downloads.

Upon registering you must nominate your preferred payment method - Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. Please note that choosing PayPal can incur delays on your order if your PayPal account is set to pay by 'eChecks'. To minimise delays with PayPal, always nominate a credit card for payment.

Our catalog is now available to buy and download in the MP3 format. Our MP3s are encoded in high quality using the LAME encoder at 320kbps. This ensures the highest possible sound quality while retaining reasonable file sizes. MP3s downloaded from Almighty can be played on any computer system or any portable music player. We also offer high quality WAV files for selected products.

Postage and packing is calculated for you once you are logged in and have specified your country of delivery.

Most orders are dispatched immediately, though we would always suggest that you wait a couple of weeks before writing in if you haven't received your order. Our policy is to allow up to 3 weeks for delivery before an order is regarded as lost.

After your digital download order has been cleared you can download your music. You will be given a choice of downloading files individually or the whole order together in a .ZIP file. To open the zip you will need a utlility like WinZip if you are using a PC. Users on Apple Mac computers running Mac OS X can simply double click the downloaded ZIP file to 'unzip' the contents.

If you find that some files appear strangely, make sure they have a '.MP3' extension - this will help your computer understand what to do with the files.

We would recommend a program like Apple's iTunes to effectively manage your MP3 collection.

You can only download your music from Almighty once. Make sure you keep a back-up of anything you download from us as it is your responsibility to look after the files once they have been successfully delivered to you.

For further help and assistance please contact us.