Almighty Featuring J.K. - Writing's On The Wall

Almighty Featuring J.K. - Writing's On The Wall


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Disc 1

1. Writing's On The Wall (Almighty Radio Edit)
2. Writing's On The Wall (Almighty Club Mix) 
3. Writing's On The Wall (Almighty Dub)

After Adele's massive success with Skyfall, beautifully covered by Belle LawrenceSam Smith had some big shoes to fill with his theme for upcoming Bond film Spectre - he certainly didn't disappoint! Astonishingly the track was written in under half an hour, and collaborator Jimmy Naples was so pleased with Smith's vocals in the first demo, those very ones were used in the final version of the track! Despite it's quick production, 'Writing's On The Wall' is the first Bond theme in history to reach No. 1 in the UK charts! So, is it the best Bond theme ever?

To make sure our version lives up to Smith's epic, our very own Almighty bond girl truly brings the theme to life and the Almighty team have been hard at work to ensure this track has a license to thrill! 

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