Eva Leone - Don't Worry

Eva Leone - Don't Worry


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Disc 1

1. Don't Worry (Almighty Radio Edit)
2. Don't Worry (Almighty Club Mix) (With Rap)
3. Don't Worry (Almighty Club Mix) (Without Rap)
4. Don't Worry (Almighty Dub)
5. Don't Worry (Almighty Instrumental)

'Don't Worry' is the future smash single from Norwegian pop/hip-hop duo Madcon featuring Ray Dalton! An upbeat song with catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics, it was a prime candidate for an Almighty pop'd up makeover. Brought to our attention by numerous requests on the Almighty Forum and our social media pages we couldn't resist giving this summertime anthem a floorfilling dance mix from the Almighty production team!

Vocals are provided by Almighty fave Eva Leone, who delivers a sassy performance on the hook-laden verses and irresisible chorus, as well as stepping up to contribute her first rap vocal for the song's middle section! This 5-track single features Club Mixes with and without this rap interlude as well as a Radio Edit, extended Dub version (for the DJs who love to loop and tweak!) and Instrumental version.

Much like the 2013 Daft Punk smash hit Get Lucky, this song takes its inspiration from the timeless sounds of disco, resplendent with clipped guitar chords and slap bass riffs as well as funk horns stabs, all lovingly recreated by the Almighty production crew! It's only a matter of time before it becomes massive both here in the UK and across the world so stay one step ahead of the trend with Almighty, let go of your troubles, and don't worry 'bout a thing!