Belle Lawrence - With Every Heartbeat

Belle Lawrence - With Every Heartbeat


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Disc 1

1. With Every Heartbeat (Almighty 7" Anthem Mix)
2. With Every Heartbeat (Almighty 12" Anthem Mix)
3. With Every Heartbeat (Almighty 12" Dub)
4. With Every Heartbeat (Almighty 12" Instrumental)

This stunning and original song shot to No. 1 and was hailed by Popjustice as the best single of 2007. It's cool, it's edgy, but there was an underlying feeling that it needed something more... an equally worthy dance-pop remix, perhaps? Well that's just what Almighty delivered. This extraordinary dance cover is the epitome of Almighty dance jams: a bang up to date blend of the classic Almighty sound with the genius structure of the chart-topping original. Our bouncy, uplifting remix harks back to Robyn's earlier, more pop-styled work (like massive hit 'Show Me Love'), but retains it's frosty finish as Belle Lawrence's contributes breathy and edgy vocals in performance to outrival the Swedish superstar Robyn's own.

This is one of our fastest selling singles ever and continues to evoke excellent feedback and reviews! Impressively, it also features on the 'Pop Justice' website!