Almighty VS. The Midnight Shift - California Dreaming

Almighty VS. The Midnight Shift - California Dreaming


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Disc 1

1. California Dreaming (Almighty Essential Radio Edit)
2. California Dreaming (Almighty Essential Club Mix)
3. California Dreaming (Almighty Essential Dub)
4. California Dreaming (Almighty Essential Instrumental)
5. California Dreaming (Almighty Radio Edit)
6. California Dreaming (Almighty Club Mix)
7. California Dreaming (Almighty Dub)
8. California Dreaming (Almighty Instrumental)

Originally by The Mamas & The Papas, this song has been re-recorded by many major artists, from The Four Tops to The Beach Boys, R.E.M. to Queen Latifah and DJ Sammy to The Carpenters... and the list goes on! This timeless song is loved by every generation and it seems everyone wants a piece of the California sunshine - usages of 'California Dreaming' range from the major motion picture 'Forrest Gump' to 'South Park' and now... Almighty Records!

Over the last year, Almighty had been working with Ian Gant on this brand new version of 'California Dreaming', which Ian recorded previously as part of the very successful group The Midnight Shift. Sadly, Ian passed away earlier this year; he will be greatly missed, but not forgotten...

Ian studied at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Music. Since graduating, Ian has written the backing music for several TV commercials and has performed as an acrobat in trade shows and cabaret in the West End. Ian's first performance dancing in a musical was in 'Cats'.

Ian devoted any spare time to composing his own music and in 1989 Ian was sitting around with a group of friends in the music business, which included Martyn Norris... It was on Ian's suggestion, and with his help, that Martyn and Graham had a go at making a record with Amanda as the vocalist. It was really produced for fun, however it did surprisingly well! In fact, without 'Never Ending Story', Almighty Records may never have carried on. Ian, inspired by the success of this, went on with another friend to set up his own record label, Principal Records, and the band The Midnight Shift, both of which also enjoyed success.

During the late 90's and the early part of the noughties, Ian and Graham worked together on many Almighty productions and remixes. Both Graham and Martyn have paid tribute to the great production support and ideas that Ian gave to Almighty as they moved into changing times.

Check out this dreamy new treat, with its perfectly warming lyrics for springtime and two very different Almighty mixes to keep you humming this tune well into the summer sunshine...