Rochelle - Think Twice

Rochelle - Think Twice


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Disc 1

1. Think Twice (Almighty Pop'd Up Radio Edit)
2. Think Twice (Almighty 'All Or Nothing' Radio Edit)
3. Think Twice (Almighty 'All Or Nothing' Club Mix)
4. Think Twice (Almighty UK Pop'd Up Club Mix)
5. Think Twice (Almighty International Pop'd Up Club Mix)
6. Think Twice (Almighty Euro Club Mix)
7. Think Twice (Almighty 12" Millennium Mix)
8. Think Twice (US 12" Boom Tunnel Mix)
9. Think Twice (US 12" Latin Mix)
10. Think Twice (Almighty 12" Essential Mix)

The Almighty dancefloor version of Celine Dion's No. 1 hit became one of the most successful tracks to ever come out of the 90's! Not only the best song from our starlet Rochelle, 'Think Twice' was the her first ever recording! It was subsequently licensed to London Records' subsidiary Systematik, by MD Christian Tattersfield (who has since gone on to become MD of Warner Music UK!). Such was it's success that it was also released in the USA on Profile Records under the alias Heartbeat Feat. Lauraine, as there was already a well know artist in the USA under the name Rochelle!

We've assembled all the mixes, including a brand new 'Almighty Essential Mix' and the sought after 'All Or Nothing' full-length version that only appeared on the limited edition version of Rochelle's 1st album! This exciting mix was based on the similar rhythm of Cher's 'All Or Nothing' (Almighty Mix)!