4-2 The Floor - Watching You Watching Me (Reloaded)

4-2 The Floor - Watching You Watching Me (Reloaded)


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Disc 1

1. Watching You Watching Me (Almighty Boys Radio Edit)
2. Watching You Watching Me (Almighty Boys Club Mix)
3. Watching You Watching Me (7" Radio Mix)
4. Watching You Watching Me (Original Cult Mix)
5. Watching You Watching Me (Mighty Mix)
6. Watching You Watching Me (Michael B. Linney USA Mix)
7. Watching You Watching Me (Illusive Mix)
8. Watching You Watching Me (Kinky Boyz Mix)
9. Watching You Watching Me (Definitive Mix)

4-2 The Floor was created by Almighty Records MD Martyn Norris alongside writer/producer associates Gary MillerPaul Barry and Steve Torch to release original songs, in contrast to the cover versions that Almighty have been renowned for over the years. Paul and Steve were also part of the team that went on to write Cher's massive hit 'Believe'!

Debuted at the height of the 90's rave scene to be Almighty’s answer to the Euro Dance phenomenon that had produced the likes of Culture Beat and Corona, 4-2 The Floor's 'Future Love' and 'Watching You Watching Me' were pumped up dancefloor fillers that not only found success here in the UK but were also licensed overseas on labels throughout Europe, the USA, and Australia! Lead vocals were provided by then-unknown singer Katherine Wood, who was also the voice behind Almighty’s Jane Montgomery. She is now known as successful vocalist Katherine Ellis and is the voice behind club hits from Bimbo Jones and Freemasons!

This reload single compiles together the mixes from the out-of-print ALMY060 and ALMY093 releases alongside the previously unheard Definitive Mix and a radical rework from the Almighty Boys, bringing this classic rave anthem bang up to date with a fresh David Guetta / Calvin Harris inspired sound! With all of the original mixes remastered from DAT tape for superior sound quality this jam-packed 9-track single is ready for the floor!

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