Evelyn Thomas - High Energy

Evelyn Thomas - High Energy


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Disc 1

1. High Energy (Almighty Definitive Radio Edit)
2. High Energy (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
3. High Energy (Almighty Mega Anthem Radio Edit)
4. High Energy (Almighty Mega Anthem Mix)
5. High Energy (Almighty Anthem Mix)
6. High Energy (Trans-X Mix)
7. High Energy (7" Cult Mix)
8. High Energy (12" Cult Mix)
9. High Energy (Italiano Mix)

THE classic NRG track 'High Energy' topped charts around the globe back in 1984 and it's singer Evelyn Thomas became known as the 'Queen of Hi NRG', selling an astounding 20 million copies worldwide!

Almighty have had great pleasure remixing this awesome track and thank Ian Levine for the opportunity to do so. This 9 mix single is over an hour of pure NRG heaven!

Happy listening!