Obsession - Love Insurance (feat. Destiny Love)

Obsession - Love Insurance (feat. Destiny Love)


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Disc 1

1. Love Insurance (Almighty Reload Edit feat. Destiny Love)
2. Love Insurance (Almighty Reload Mix feat. Destiny Love)
3. Love Insurance (Almighty Reload Edit)
4. Love Insurance (Almighty Reload Mix)
5. Love Insurance (Remix Radio Edit)
6. Love Insurance (Remix)
7. Love Insurance (Front Page Radio Edit)
8. Love Insurance (Front Page Mix)
9. Love Insurance (Mighty Mix)
10. Love Insurance (No Claims Bonus Mix)
11. Love Insurance (Original NRG Mix)

For a while now we've been asking Almighty fans for reload suggestions on the forum, and this month have decided to drop popular disco anthem 'Love Insurance' by Obsession feat. Destiny Love!

Originally a hit for Front Page feat. Sharon Redd in 1979, 'Love Insurance' led to the American singer's record deal with Prelude Records, before she became the label's most successful artist!

After the incredible response Almighty received to The Dream Girls' 2013 reload 'When Will I See You Again', we've got another bumper 12-track reload especially for disco fans. The definitive track list for the second ever Almighty release, compiled with the help of our VIP Club members!

The original Obsession vocal was the first time Almighty engineered a recording ourselves, but after discovering another vocal by The Flirtations singer Ernestine Pearce deep in the archives, we just couldn't keep it hidden any longer!

So turn it up loud and love this 2013 bumper reload that features a beefed-up version of the original Front Page Mix, showcasing the return of the star of Destiny Love's 'Call Me Tonight', and the rare, vinyl-only (and very cheeky!) Original NRG Mix for the first time on CD.

Refreshed, revamped and reloaded for your listening and dancing pleasure!