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World Clique (Deluxe Edition)

The Iconic Album + Additional Disc Of Remixes

Emerging from the melting pot of late 80s New York club culture, Deee-Lite fused elements of funk, soul and hip-hop with the emerging sounds of the house movement to produce an inspired, multi-cultural debut.

A collage of knowledgeably selected samples, guest appearances and hook-laden songwriting, the record produced hit singles – most notably ‘Groove Is In The Heart’, which remains a cornerstone of any respectable Saturday night out today – and dropped the band’s colourful, hallucinogenic imagery on a scene hungry for dancefloor fillers and musical cross-pollination.

Remixes formed a huge part of that clubland culture, and this set also includes fourteen choice, varied takes on both singles and album tracks. From extended radio versions to deep house and funky breaks, disc two provides a fabulous snapshot of global nightlife in the early 1990s.

Iconic, familiar and innovative, this is vital listening for remix and pop fanatics, clubbers and everybody in-between.



Disc 1
1. Dee-Lite Theme
2. Good Beat
3. Power Of Love
4. Try Me On... I'm Very You
5. Smile On
6. What Is Love?
7. World Clique
8. E.S.P.
9. Groove Is In The Heart
10. Who Was That?
11. Deep Ending
12. Build The Bridge

Disc 2
1. Groove Is In The Heart (Peanut Butter Radio Mix)
2. Good Beat (Turn Up The Radio Mix)
3. Power Of Love (Turn Up The Radio Mix)
3. Power Of Love (Turn Up The Radio Mix)
4. Riding On Through!
5. Groove Is In The Heart (Meeting Of The Minds Mix)
6. How Do You Say...Love (A Delicious Joey Pal Dub)
7. E.S.P. (Ouijee Extended Mix)
8. What Is Love? (Rainbow Beard Mix)
9. Good Beat (Extend The Beat Mix)
10. Power Of Love (Sampladelic Remix)
11. Build The Bridge (Holographic House Groove Mix)
12. What Is Love? (Holographic Goatee Mix)
13. Good Beat (Pal Joey's Shake Your Body To The Beat Mix)
14. Groove Is In The Heart (Jelly Jam Beats)