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Dan Hartman
Relight My Fire (Expanded Edition)

A Disco Classic Reissued With Alternative Mixes

Dan Hartman was a singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania, known for being a hit in the disco charts both during his solo career and for his time in the Edgar Winter Group. In 1979 Hartman released classic album 'Relight My Fire', featuring the timeless title track that hit the top of the charts worldwide. The song itself brought an unrivaled party energy that cemented its legacy as a club classic and lead to a plethora of cover versions, including one from UK boyband Take That featuring Lulu.

This remastered album includes a foreword from mixer John Luongo, extensive liner notes and added bonus material.

Please note that this is a Non-Almighty product.


Disc 1
1. Hands Down
2. Love Strong
3. Vertigo/Relight My Fire
4. Just For Fun
5. I Love Makin' Music
6. Free Ride
7. Vertigo/Relight My Fire (12" Progressive Instrumental Remix)
8. Hands Down (12" Remix)
9. Relight My Fire (Single Version)
10. Hands Down (Hands Up) (12" Version)
11. Vertigo (Progressive Remix)
12. Relight My Fire (12" Disco Remix)