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Disco Recharge: The Collection


Celso Valli is one of the Kings of the Italian disco scene. His skills as a producer, writer and arranger can be heard on some of the biggest Italo hits ever including Azoto, Passengers, Taffy & Peter Richard. For disco fans his crowning glory was his work with studio band Tantra.

Apart from a CD single release in the early 90’s and the inclusion of ‘Hills Of Katmandu’ on the ‘European Connection’ volume of Disco Discharge this much loved catalogue has been out of print since their vinyl release. Disco Recharge is very proud to bring you this lovingly restored collection which features virtually everything recorded under the name ‘Tantra’.

Disc 1 includes the first two albums in their entirety and ends on a spectacular note with the full Patrick Cowley remix of ‘Hills Of Katmandu’. This is not the unfinished version that has been widely available on vinyl for many years. This exclusive version actually features Patrick Cowley’s trademark added synth’s and percussion and is up there with his remix of ‘I Feel Love’ in the disco hall of fame.

Disc 2 features the final Tantra album which features their other massive cult favourite ‘A Place Called Tarot’ as well as the haunting ‘Macumba’ suite. The rest of the disc is packed with all the 7” and 12” mixes including the incredibly rare Spanish language versions of ‘Hills Of Katmandu’ and ‘Wishbone’ as well as the Disconet remixes of ‘Get Happy’ and ‘Top Shot. ‘Tantra – The Collection’ is undoubtedly one of the most important Disco Recharge releases and demand for this release will be high from a number of different areas since Tantra transcended many boundaries musically.

Please note that this is a Non-Almighty product.


Disc 1
1. The Hills of Katmandu
2. Wishbone
3. Su-Ku-Leu
4. Mother Africa
5. Hallelujah
6. Get Happy
7. Get Ready To Go
8. Top Shot
9. The Hills Of Katmandu (The True Patrick Cowley Megamix)

Disc 2
1. Macumba
2. The Hills Of Katmandu (Disco Mix)
3. Wishbone (Original 12” Mix)
4. The Hills Of Katmandu (Original 7" Mix)
5. Wishbone (Original 7" Mix)
6. Las Colinas De Katmandu (Spanish Version)
7. Camino El Destino (Spanish Version)
8. Get Happy (The Double Remix)
9. Top Shot (The Double Remix)