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Boris Midney
Disco Recharge: Beautiful Bend / Caress (Special Edition)


Following the success of 'Disco Recharge: Change - The Glow Of Love / Miracles', Almighty are now stocking the next edition in this great series. This time the classic album in question is from Disco legend Boris Midney!

Producer, writer, arranger, engineer & multi instrumentalist Boris Midney was born in Russia but defected to the US via Tokyo. He had his first US success as part of the Russian Jazz Quartet. Both his parents were musicians and he was trained from an early age at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. His background in Russia gave him a unique style, like no other disco artist. And unlike a lot of dance music his richly textured soundscape’s can be enjoyed equally at home or on the dance floor.

Disco Recharge is proud to present the first of five special Boris Midney packages. First out of the block is a double CD package featuring two of Mr Midney’s most acclaimed albums. ‘Beautiful Bend’ was originally released on TK’s Record’s Marlin off shoot in 1978 and was an immediate hit in clubs and a Billboard disco chart topper. Disc one feature’s the original segued album as well as the Marlin 12” edits – for the first time on CD.

‘Caress’ was originally released on the Warner Bros. subsidury label RFC and again set the dance floors and disco charts on fire. Disc two features the original segued album plus The RFC 12” promo only version of ‘Catch The Rhythm’ and their edit of ‘You Got It Too Uptight/Love Spell’ for the first time on CD.

The enclosed booklet features a brand new interview with Boris Midney.


Disc 1
1. That's The Meaning
2. Boogie Motion
3. Make That Feeling Come Again!
4. Ah - Do It
5. That's The Meaning / Boogie Motion (Original 12" Mix)
6. Make That Feeling Come Again! / Ah - Do It (Original 12" Mix)

Disc 2
1. Catch The Rhythm
2. Charmed By You
3. You Got It Too Uptight
4. Love Spell
5. Catch The Rhythm (Original Promo Only 12" Mix)
6. You Got It Too Uptight / Love Spell (Original Promo Only 12" Mix)