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Disco Recharge: The Glow Of Love / Miracles (Special Edition)


Change’s debut album, 'The Glow Of Love' was responsible for launching the career of all-time great, Luther Vandross and should be in every serious music lover’s collection!

Whilst most disco artists struggled to produce consistent albums, Change pulled off the double whammy of two best selling and critically acclaimed albums in just two years. ‘The Glow Of Love’, released in 1980 is perhaps the greatest Italian dance album of all time and widely regarded as a an international breakthrough album for dance music. Change was put together by the Italian dream team of Mauro Malavsi, Davide Romani and executive producer Jaques Fred Petrus and with Luther Vandross and Jocelyn Shaw (Brown) on lead vocals it was hardly a surprise that It was such a huge global success. It features the smash hits ‘Searching’, ‘A Lover’s Holiday’ and the huge title track, 'The Glow Of Love' which has the crown for being one of the most sampled tracks of all time.   

The follow up album ‘Miracles’ came out in 1981 and proved that Change were no one album wonders. It features the huge Soul Weekender anthems ‘Paradise’, ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘On Top’, and is widely considered to be another classic of the genre.

Disc one feature’s the original albums whilst disc two is a collectors dream – including all the original 7” single cuts, rare 12” versions and numerous edits of key tracks.

Both of these albums have been in huge demand with collectors as it’s been over 20 years since 'The Glow Of Love' has been available on CD and 'Miracles' has only ever been available on CD in Japan around a decade ago.

Please note that this is a Non-Almighty product.


Disc 1
1. A Lover's Holiday
2. It’s A Girl’s Affair
3. Angel In My Pocket
4. The Glow Of Love
5. Searching
6. The End
7. Paradise
8. Hold Tight
9. Your Move
10. Stop For Love
11. On Top
12. Heaven Of My Love
13. Miracles

Disc 2
1. A Lover's Holiday (Original 7" Edit)
2. A Lover's Holiday (Single Edit)
3. It's A Girls Affair (7" Edit)
4. It's A Girls Affair (Single Edit)
5. Angel In My Pocket (Original 12" Mix)
6. The Glow Of Love (Long Version)
7. The Glow Of Love (Short Version)
8. The Glow Of Love (Single Edit)
9. Searching (Original 7" Mix)
10. Searching (Single Edit)
11. The End (7" Edit)
12. Paradise (UK Version)
13. Paradise (Single Edit)
14. Hold Tight (Short Version)
15. Hold Tight (Edit)
16. Stop For Love (Short Version)
17. On Top (Extended Version)