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Evelyn Thomas
Disco Recharge: I Wanna Make It On My Own / Have A Little Faith In Me


Disco Recharge is back with a name that will be very familiar to Almighty fans!

When legendary UK producer Ian Levine first ventured to Chicago in 1975 to work with US-based musicians, the first solo artist he worked with was Evelyn Thomas. As a result of those sessions, Evelyn provided two UK hits in 1976 with 'Weak Spot' and 'Doomsday' giving her a first taste of commercial success.

Jump forward 8 years to 1984 and Evelyn Thomas once again graced the UK charts with her biggest ever hit and multi-million selling worldwide smash ‘High Energy’, which suddenly put her at the forefront of the Hi-NRG scene (utilising a happy play on works)! Once again produced by Ian Levine, 'High Energy' kick-started the second phase of her career, which resulted in two new albums produced by Levine.

In between these two bursts of commercial activity, Evelyn recorded two albums which, naturally, are now impossible to find! I Wanna Make It On My Own was released on the infamous Casablanca label in 1978 and was written and produced by Ian Levine and arranged by Pip Williams and Fiachra Trench. It has all the classic Ian Levine touches, supplying a hint of his love of Northern Soul, whilst defining the song structures with a perfect 4/4 disco beat!

Have A Little Faith In Me was released on the disco-friendly AVI label in 1979 with a slightly different line up behind the mixing desk. Levine of course took centre stage and Fiachra Trench was back, but this time the pair were joined by famous producer/remixer Rick Gianatos, who mixed the album and co-produced a couple of the tracks.

Disco Recharge is proud to present both complete albums along with three bonus tracks with specially commissioned new liner notes for ‘Have A Little Faith In Me’ by Rick Gianatos.

Please note that this is a non-Almighty release.


Disc 1
1. I Want To Make It On My Own
2. It's The Magic Of Your Touch
3. Look No Further
4. Thanks For Being There
5. Back To Reality
6. Have A Little Faith In Me
7. No Time To Turn Around
8. My Head's In The Stars
9. Love's Not An Illusion
10. Sleaze
11. Summer On The Beach
12. Love In The First Degree