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Various Artists
Forever Bond - Platinum Edition


With the arrival of the latest Bond blockbuster to hit the screens, Skyfall, not to mention it being the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film's release, the interest in all things Bond and particularly the music associated with the films is exceptionally high!

'Forever Bond - The Platinum Edition' is an updated release from the first 'Forever Bond' album, which originally came out to coincide with the release of Casino Royale.

The new and improved album now includes some of the great Bond tracks originally missed from the first collection, including 'Goldfinger', 'The Living Daylights', 'Moonraker', 'The Man with the Golden Gun', 'Thunderball', 'From Russia with Love' and most notably a great dance cover of the current smash from Adele, 'Skyfall', together with all the tracks from the original album!

The first 'Forever Bond' album enjoyed great sales in both physical and digital formats – hitting the Top 5 Dance Albums chart on iTunes and a great run on its Top 100 General Albums chart too.

The concept of 'Forever Bond - The Platinum Edition' is simple - a stellar array of some of the UK’s finest dance divas singing some of the most popular themes from the James Bond movies with highlights including Tania Alboni's fab interpretation of 'Skyfall', Angie Brown’s stunning vocals on 'Licence to Kill', Hannah Jones’ take on 'Goldeneye', Rozalla’s 'Diamonds are Forever', Kelly Llorenna’s 'All Time High' and Jacqui Peters' stunning Bassey-esque versions of 'Moonraker' and 'Goldfinger'!

Please note this is a non-Almighty product.


Disc 1
1. Jacqui Peters — Moonraker
2. Hannah Jones — Goldeneye
3. Jason Prince — The Living Daylights
4. Kelly Llorenna — All Time High
5. Kelly Wilde — The Man With The Golden Gun
6. Nik Page — Live And Let Die
7. Rozalla — Diamonds Are Forever
8. Dean Jones — Thunderball
9. John Barry — We Have All The Time In The World

Disc 2
1. Tania Alboni — Skyfall
2. Laura Harding — You Only Live Twice
3. Jacqui Peters — Goldfinger
4. Soraya Vivian — Nobody Does It Better
5. Jason Prince — A View To A Kill
6. John Barry — From Russia With Love
7. Natalie Powers — For Your Eyes Only
8. Angie Brown — License To Kill
9. Forever Bond All Stars — Fifty Years Of Bond Medley