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Gloria Gaynor
Never Can Say Goodbye (Expanded Edition)

Expanded Edition of Her 1975 Ground Breaking Album

The original Queen of Disco's first album made it's international debut on MGM Records in January '75. It's most notable for including several early Disco recordings and was the first to be remixed and segued by the legend Tom Moulton.

Never Can Say Goodbye features the genre-defining hit singles 'Honey Bee', 'Never Can Say Goodbye' and 'Reach Out, I'll Be There', as well as additional UK hit 'All I Need Is Your Sweet Loving'. It made top 40 in the UK, US and Sweden, and later, when 'Never Can Say Goodbye' was released as a single, it flew to #2 in the UK charts in early '75.

Now, we're reliving Gloria's glory, re-issuing the Expanded Edition of her ground-breaking album, featuring B-side versions and Single Editions of her most famed tracks.


1. Honey Bee
2. Never Can Say Goodbye
3. Reach Out, I'll Be There
4. All I Need Is Your Good Lovin'
5. Searchin'
6. We Belong Together
7. False Alarm
8. Real Good People
9. Honey Bee (Columbia Single Version)
10. All It Took Boy Was Losing You (B-Side)
11. Come Tonight (Non-Album B-Side)
12. Never Can Say Goodbye (Single Version)
13. We Just Can't Make It (Non-Album B-Side)
14. Reach Out, I'll Be There (Single Version)
15. Honey Bee (MGM Single Version)