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Various Artists
Definitive Hi-NRG: 80's Passion Classics

Bringing together an array of spectacular artists this album concentrates solely on Hi-NRG classics straight from the 80's, featuring the likes of Astaire, Dee Dee Martin and Charade. Taken from the label 'Passion Records' this collection of Hi-NRG is available exclusively from Almighty!

Favourites also include Angie Gold with her smash hit 'Eat You Up' which reached number 1 in Japan and the Far East as well as topping the US Billboard dance charts for multiple months! 

Passion Records was founded in 1983 by Shakatak producers Les McCutcheon and Nigel Wright - who went on to achieve Grammy nomination and success with artists such as MadonnaTake That and Barbra Streisand!

So put your dancing shoes on and take a one way ticket back to the 80s as Almighty transports you back to the decade when Hi-NRG dominated dance floors across the globe!

MP3 Album

Disc 2
1. Astaire — American Love
2. Kelly Marie — Born To Be Alive
3. Louise Thomas — One Way Ticket
4. Louise Thomas — Feels Like Love
5. Norma Lewis — Give Me Back My Heart
6. Angie Gold — Eat You Up
7. Astaire — Love Trap
8. Charade Feat. Norma Lewis — Got To Get To You
9. Venus — Twilight Zone
10. Dee Dee Martin — Save Yourself For Me
11. Astaire — The Power Of Love
12. Charade — For Your Love
13. Angie Gold — Creature Of The Night