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Various Artists
Definitive Hi-NRG: 80's Passion Classics Remixed by Almighty

Almighty have gone into full Hi-NRG gear with this one, creating some incredible remixes from some of the most successful artists from the hey day of the 80's dance era. Featuring all the favourites including Angie GoldCharade and Louise Thomas!

As well as our own remixes we've also included the always loveable Matt Pop, whose catchy beats really bring out the flavour of the dancefloor, featuring tracks from Dee Dee Martin and Astaire. 

So why not put your dancing shoes on and tap your feet to this exclusive Almighty release packed with track after track of hits guaranteed to take you back to the decade when Hi-NRG ruled dance floors across the globe!

MP3 Album

Disc 1
1. Astaire — American Love (Almighty Club Mix)
2. Kelly Marie — Born To Be Alive (Almighty Club Mix)
3. Louise Thomas — One Way Ticket (Matt Pop Club Mix)
4. Charade — Catch Me (I'm Falling In Love) (Ian Stephens Mix)
5. Louise Thomas — Feels Like Love (Almighty Club Mix)
6. Lewis Norma — Give Me Back My Heart (Almighty Club Mix)
7. Angie Gold — Eat You Up (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
8. Astaire — Love Trap (Matt Pop Club Mix)
9. Charade Feat. Norma Lewis — Got To Get To You (Almighty Club Mix)
10. Venus — Twilight Zone (Almighty Boys Club Mix)
11. Dee Dee Martin — Save Yourself For Me (Matt Pop Club Mix)
12. Astaire — The Power Of Love (Almighty Club Mix)
13. Charade — For Your Love (Matt Pop Club Mix)
14. Angie Gold — Creature Of The Night (Almighty Club Mix)