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Karen Lambert
A Sky Full Of Stars

Already an Almighty favourite thanks to its addition to 'Almighty Gay Anthems: A Sky Full of Stars', Karen Lambert's cover of Coldplay finally gets its very own single release! Serving as the second single from British band Coldplay's sixth studio album 'Ghost Stories', 'A Sky Full of Stars' marked the bands first foray into the world of dance music, helped no doubt through a collaboration with superstar Swedish DJ Avicii! The sound may have changed, but Coldplay's history of chart success continued with 'A Sky Full of Stars' reaching the top ten in over sixteen countries!  

With such a bouncy and uplifting groundwork to build on the Almighty Production team have delivered another club classic sure to keep you on your feet. 

Check out the album 'Almighty Gay Anthems: A Sky Full of Stars' here

MP3 Single

1. A Sky Full of Stars (Almighty Radio Edit)
2. A Sky Full Of Stars (Almighty Club Mix)