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Believe (The Matt Pop Mixes)

Taken from the new 'best of' collection from Obsession, this exclusive digital single brings together all four mixes that Matt Pop has produced of the club anthem 'Believe'!

Originally a hit for Cher in 1998, 'Believe' was the lead single from her album of the same name. It is an upbeat dance pop song and is famous for introducing the world to the now commonplace Autotune effect, a vocal manipulation technique that results in a robotic and electric sound! Almighty produced a Definitive Mix of the Cher original, which helped kick off the Almighty Remixers' career and led to further popularity and exposure as commercial remixers as well as a record label.

Obsession covered this track for a planned 'We Love Cher' album, but due to the increasing popularity of Abbacadabra, Almighty's other main group at the time, the project was shelved and never saw the light of day... until now! We've enlisted Dutch disco popster Matt Pop to give this classic track a 2014 makeover, with stunning results! Still a firm favourite now as it was at time of release 16 years ago, one listen and we believe that you'll be hooked!

Check out the new album Almighty Presents: Obsessed - We Love Obsession now!

MP3 Single

1. Believe (Matt Pop Radio Edit)
2. Believe (Matt Pop Club Mix)
3. Believe (Matt Pop Dub)
4. Believe (Matt Pop Instrumental)