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The Cover Girlz
You're Beautiful

In 2005 Almighty released what has gone on to be one of our most sought after releases in recent years. A signature Almighty version of one of the most popular songs of the 2000, our latest Record of the Week is 'You’re Beautiful' by The Cover Girlz!

'You’re Beautiful' is the signature song of British singer-songwriter James Blunt. Released in 2005, it was the third single from Blunt’s debut studio album 'Back To Bedlam'. The song reached the top spot in the charts in a number of countries, including the UK, Spain and the United States, while 'Back To Bedlam' went on to be the highest selling album of the decade in the UK.

A very popular Almighty single upon its release, 'You’re Beautiful' has been widely unavailable for a number of years. This Record of the Week edition compiles together all of the previously available Almighty Anthem and Definitive mixes.

Check out the complete Record of the Week series and complete your collection now!

MP3 Single

1. You're Beautiful (Almighty Anthem Edit)
2. You're Beautiful (Almighty Anthem Mix)
3. You're Beautiful (Almighty Anthem Dub)
4. You're Beautiful (Almighty Definitive Edit)
5. You're Beautiful (Almighty Definitive Mix)
6. You're Beautiful (Almighty Definitive Dub)