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Natalie Browne

Originally written and performed by Ian Broudie under his Alternative Rock group The Lightning Seeds, 'Marvellous' was as the title suggests, an uplifting track with connotations of summer and nostalgia. Released in 1994 under the album 'Jollification', the release was considered to be one of Brodie's strongest pieces and would ultimately contribute towards the album's platinum status in 1995!

Natalie Browne's version of this strongly written track is a version that is both memorable and hard-hitting with all the characteristics of a summer euphoric anthem! This fabulous dance mix is both a sing-a-long and uplifting classic, though there's a DJ friendly dub too!

'Marvellous' has not been available on the Almighty Store for quite some time. It has now been made available once again in high quality 320kpbs for a greater listening experience!

MP3 Single — Now In 320kbps High Quality!

1. Marvellous (Radio Mix)
2. Marvellous (Definitive Mix)
3. Marvellous (Dub)
4. Lost Words