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Natalie Browne

'Lovefool' was originally released in 1996 by The Cardigans on their third album - 'First Band On The Moon'Written by Peter Svensson and Nina Persson, this release went on to be an international hit single topping the Billboard Hot 100 and making appearances on six other Billboard charts. The song also peaked at No. 2 in the UK Singles Charts, topped the charts in New Zealand, and was certified Gold in Australia.

Natalie Browne's rendition of this irresistibly catchy song guaranteed maximum floor-filling potential. Upon release, clubbers and DJs just couldn't get enough, as her interpretation offered an energetic version matched by no other. Also available on this release is the instrumental (B-Side) track 'So Many Ways', an atmospheric and soulful composition produced to perfection!

‘Lovefool’ has now been remastered for 2017 and this digital single includes the ‘Definitive Mix’ and ‘Millennium House Mix’ as on the original 1997 12” vinyl release and also the 7” Definitive Mix and B-Side ‘So Many Ways’ to complete the available mixes!

MP3 Single — Now In 320kbps High Quality!

1. Lovefool (7" Definitive Mix)
2. Lovefool (12" Definitive Mix)
3. Lovefool (Millennium House Mix)
4. So Many Ways