Almighty has once again teamed up with London production team KLUBKIDZ to bring you three brand new singles, as a tribute to the legendary Sylvester.

These singles have been put together as a debut, performed by new emerging artist Bellavie (known as ‘Lady Bee’), who is a London based singer, songwriter and performer. Her music is a reflection of the many sides of her identity (being gender fluid is one of the many threads forming the identity fabric of Bellavie), background, troubles and upheavals by facing rejection from society and in personal life. Bellavie’s music career started, since the quest for happiness has been replaced with self-love, acceptance and the freedom of demons from the past. Lady Bee is now using music as one of her outlets to send her message to others.

A tribute to Sylvester would not be complete without a remake of the 1982 classic ‘Do You Wanna Funk’, which still remains a popular club/dance track to this day. This, the debut single from Lady Bee, is the first of three singles to be released and will feature fantastic house remixes by top international DJ and remixer ‘Cutmore’, courtesy of Matt Waterhouse Represents.

'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)' and 'Don't Leave Me This Way' complete the three brand new singles by Lady Bee, that have been produced in this tribute to Sylvester. These additional two singles will be made available in the coming months!


We’ve got another two Non-Almighty albums that are new to our Store. These are more selected releases that we think our club members and fans will enjoy if they are not part of your collection already - they are:

Various Artists - "O" Records Classics - Volume One: Passion
Deee-Lite - World Clique (Deluxe Edition)

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