Following on from last month’s popular 'True Faith' re-issue there has been somewhat of a Natalie Browne resurgence amongst her older catalogue, so much so that we have decided to dedicate this month to none other than the Almighty star herself!

Ever since her first Almighty cover of Celine Dion's 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now' in 1996, Natalie Browne has continued to impress with a number of dance covers scaling a wide spectrum of music, each time offering a unique perspective and interpretation. In addition to this, Natalie has been involved in some original productions too, most notably 'From Here To Eternity' written by highly prolific pop legends Mike Stock and Matt Aitken. All in all, Browne’s sensational work with Almighty has cemented a legacy that is always worth revisiting!   

Upon looking back through her impressive catalogue, we came across two releases that have not been available on our store for quite some time. Continuing our ongoing project of reviving parts of our older catalogue and as we are dedicating this month to Natalie Browne, we have remastered and re-uploaded both 'Lovefool' and 'Marvellous', which are now available once again through the Almighty Store - this time in high quality 320kpbs format!

CLICK HERE to view her full catalogue as we have also re-uploaded ALL of Natalie’s other tracks and releases - now available as higher quality downloads for the first time.


We have recently been doing some minor tweaks to our website - one of which is our new ‘iTunes link’ feature! You can now browse our store, then click the ‘Get It On iTunes’ link on selected products to purchase and download releases straight to your iPod, iPhone or iPad through the iTunes store! This feature will be added to more releases over the coming months.


Whether you are new to Natalie Browne or looking to expand your Almighty collection, the Natalie Browne compilation album ‘Justified: The Best Of Natalie Browne’ is currently HALF PRICE on our Store! Get the physical 2CD set for just £6.99 for a limited time only!!

If you are interested in purchasing Natalie Browne’s complete collection as a digital bundle, please send us an email to for a special bundle price!
Also, if you have previously purchased the 'Justified: The Best Of Natalie Browne' digital album from the Almighty website in the lower MP3 quality, please let us know your name and/or order number and we will re-enable your downloads in the higher 320kbps quality without needing to purchase again!

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