Since their first UK release in 1989, Almighty Records has covered popular chart songs that had no dance mix, or those that had officially commissioned dance mixes which did not fit the dance-pop genre. Starting its life as a record stall just off the dance-floor of Bromptons in Earls Court, one of London's historic night clubs, its mission has always been devoted to DJs, dancers and dance music. Launched and staffed by disc jockeys and club enthusiasts for twenty years, the first 12-inch release on the Almighty label was a cover of a Limahl single called "Never Ending Story", which was the title song to the 1984 film of the same name. Chosen because the artist's original label, EMI, had allowed the extended version of that song go out of production, while club-goers still wanted to dance to it and buy it.[4]

Almighty feature various artist names, which are in fact projects rather than actual singers or groups, with many different vocalists and session singers behind artists' names,[5][6] many of them already famous as recording artists and even hit songwriters. Almighty's policy of not identifying its singers' birth names is down to the belief that faces and names aren't important and that the music speaks for itself.[7]

By 1992 Almighty had enjoyed notable success thanks in part to their cover versions of ABBA tracks under the guise Abbacadabra. It was at this point that label boss Martyn Norris decided to give up his job and concentrate on Almighty full-time. Pop producer Pete Waterman played some of these tracks on his UK television show The Hitman and Her which boosted interest in the songs and the label, so much so that Waterman picked up some tracks, including "Dancing Queen" for his own label PWL.[8]

Almighty achieved their first UK Singles Chart top 20 hit in 1993 with "I Will Always Love You", a cover of the song by Dolly PartonWhitney Houston and others, which was performed by Sarah Washington and reached position 12 in the UK chart.[9]

Almighty Records has been successful with various projects over the years, remaking almost all ABBA songs, including a track recorded, but unreleased by ABBA called "Just Like That". To date, Almighty have produced 5 albums and over 10 singles under the Abbacadabra project name, which has sold more than 250,000 units for the label. However, the project which has been the most successful internationally for Almighty is the Queer as Folk CD soundtrack which went gold within one month of going on sale in March 1999 in the UK. The release of this CD followed a request from the makers of the TV series, Red Productions, after another major record company turned down the opportunity due to poor rating of previous music-led television shows on Channel 4. Given a list of tracks, Almighty had one month to compile the music; however, some tracks could not be cleared in time for the release mainly due to time scales, including one by the group Steps who initially said that the show would be too "low profile" for them to be associated with. It was the success of this album which prompted Channel 4 to launch their own music division when the second series of Queer As Folk was made[10] – an international franchise which is still around today.

By the end of 1999, at the label's ten-year anniversary, it was still making 12" vinyl and manufactured CD singles; even now the 12" vinyl single and CD single are considered obsolete formats[citation needed], Almighty is still mailing out hard copies of their new product catalogues to mail order customers. To celebrate their ten-year success, Almighty released an album called A Decade Of Dance.

Since it started, 90% of the music shops Almighty dealt with all over the world have closed[citation needed]. Customers choose now to buy their CDs online or as a digital download from an online store such as Almighty's own shop or from Amazon. However, physical product sales still count for two-thirds of the label's business from their own online store[citation needed].

In 2009, the label celebrated its 20th anniversary and in early 2010 released Almighty: Two Decades of Dance to mark the anniversary. This collection spans two decades, and includes all the tracks that in 2010 still remain Almighty's very best sellers over the full twenty years. The manufactured album is megamixed with 20 tracks on each disc – disc one from 2000–2010 and disc two from 1990–1999. 

Almighty have been the forerunners of pop/dance since they released their first single in 1990. Over the years Almighty have created over 300 releases and their fan base has grown extensively with every one, making Almighty one of the biggest and most successful independent pop/dance specialist labels in the UK today!

In 1993, the label scored their first Top 20 chart hit with Sarah Washington’s ‘I Will Always Love You’, which became a huge international success! Other early, notable, single successes include releases by AbbacadabraFreda PayneSheryl Lee RalphDonna Summer and Jimmy Sommerville. The label have also enjoyed several chart and club hits in the USA with several Billboard Hot 100 entries.

The Abbacadabra project has been one of our most successful internationally, with 7 albums and 25 singles... even 'Platinum' status in some countries! Our biggest selling project to date though is the enormously successful 'Queer As Folk' soundtrack CD. This album went 'Gold' within one month of going on sale back in March 1999!

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Working from both London studios and our Gloucestershire HQ, the Almighty teams work day and night, sometimes seven days a week creating the dancefloor tunes of today and tomorrow! When we're not transforming songs for our own artists, we're rolling out the red carpet for music's hottest, A-List, international stars... check out 'Almighty - The Remixers' to hear the best songs in the remix business... all by Almighty Associates of course!