Deja Vu feat. Tasmin

It's Deja Vu for Deja Vu
Yes...they're back doing what they do best -clubclass dance music! Having recently covered the Shayne Ward chartbuster 'That's My Goal' and Josh Groban's
'You Raise Me Up'....they are planning their new album as we speak
if you can't wait for that - here is a potted history of their career with Almighty

Without a doubt, one of Almighty’s biggest acts, with a string of club smashes to their credit, is Deja Vu Featuring Tasmin. The band who’ve been together for less than two years have already scored four Pop-Tip top 20 hits and have recently, rather fantastically, enjoyed their first American single in the US Billboard Top 75!

DJs and clubbers first heard Tasmin’s strong yet emotive vocal with the release of their first single, a dance version of Toni Braxton’s ‘Un-break My Heart’ which has been one of Almighty’s best sellers in the last two years. Their second single ‘Don’t Speak’ went one further being not only a Pop-Tip No.1 but also crossing over in both commercial recognition, with impressive sales in major retail outlets, plus getting a fair amount of radio airplay too.

In 1997, Deja Vu Featuring Tasmin chose a lesser known song to revise with Bette Midler’s classic anthem ‘To Deserve You’. On both sides of the Atlantic, Almighty supporters congratulated the team for taking this ‘hard-to-find’ song and making it a true crossover success — and the DJs loved it.

In 1998, with the mega-movie ‘Titanic’ taking the world by storm, Deja Vu again enjoyed a big acclaim with what is probably their best track. ‘My Heart Will Go On’ not only became a UK chart breaker but also hit the US Top 75. Licensed to US label Interhit, Deja Vu (minus Tasmin, as they are credited in the States), have given this new dance label (and indeed Almighty), their biggest hit to date.

In 1998 they were again back at the top of the league with a brilliant, pumped up version of Aerosmith’s hit ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’. In 1999, another 2 quality pop covers followed — ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ (the Ronan Keating song) and ‘If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time’ (the R Kelly chart hit).

Deja Vu also scored another club sensation with the Phil Collins masterpiece ‘Against All Odds’ plus the non-cover title ‘No Rhyme No Reason’ — both taken from their debut album. That 2xCD set album, entitled ‘Get To You’, includes both original tunes and the group’s better known remakes as well. The perfect party album!