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by The Almighty Crew » Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:54 pm

Hello, all!

So, what do you think of our new releases?! Personally I love them all (and the colour scheme even more: nothing says 'Jealous' like green and black :twisted: !) but am most excited about Johnny Robinson's 'Euphoria'! He works as hard as we do here at Almighty and deserves all the success in the world - and the song's pretty funky too! So I just thought I'd share with you the music video Johnny's team made for it:

The single with all the mixes is available in our store, as you know (here's a link anyway: but also on iTunes from October, so if you have any iTunes gift cards lying around and you're stuck on what to buy, there's your inspiration :wink:

Love Emma and The Almighty Crew x
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