Almighty Anthems: A Decade Of Dance (Expanded Edition)

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Almighty Anthems: A Decade Of Dance (Expanded Edition)

by The Almighty Crew » Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:27 pm

'Almighty Anthems: A Decade Of Dance' is back, but better! Now as an Expanded Edition, each individual track from the megamixed compilation is available in it's entirety, so you can revel in every last minute of the Almighty Ninties! Alongside the two megamixes from the original double disc album, you can now download all the individual featured tracks in one digital MP3 bundle! As if this wasn't enough, every track is now available as high quality 320kbps audio!

'A Decade Of Dance' brought together all the staple Almighty remixes from the decade; from our very first track Obsession's 'Never Ending Story' and pump-up princess Rochelle's 'Think Twice', to turn of the Millenium hits like Utopia - 'Feel The Need In Me' and the classic Almighty mix of 'My Heart Will Go On' by Deja Vu feat. Tasmin. This really is some of the very best from the Almighty 90s!

The original release, brought you 24 timeless Almighty treasures over two long play continuously mixed CDs. This was the ultimate NRG compilation spanning a decade of Almighty magic.

Now brought to you as an Expanded Edition, we've packed over 4 hours of music into this digital bundle, at an outstanding price of just £7.99!!

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