Update: Heartbleed Bug - Almighty Site Unaffected

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Update: Heartbleed Bug - Almighty Site Unaffected

by The Almighty Crew » Wed Apr 16, 2014 2:50 pm

You may have read about the 'Heartbleed' Internet bug that has affected many sites, with user's data being compromised. We have discussed this with our web manager and can confirm that the Almighty website has not been affected. We would always recommend frequently changing any passwords for security and not using the same password for multiple sites, but otherwise there are no further actions to be taken.

We take all of our customer's online security very seriously and remain vigilant to prevent such attacks in the future. Should you require any further information on this matter please email info@almightyrecords.com and one of the team will be happy to reassure you and answer any questions.

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