People Of 'K' feat. Crystal - We Love KLF: 3AM Eternal (Digital Single)

People Of 'K' feat. Crystal - We Love KLF: 3AM Eternal (Digital Single)


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1. 3AM Eternal (Almighty Radio Edit)
2. 3AM Eternal (Almighty Club Mix)
3. 3AM Eternal (Almighty Dub)
4. 3AM Eternal (Almighty Boys Radio Edit)
5. 3AM Eternal (Almighty Boys Club Mix)
6. 3AM Eternal (Almighty Boys Dub)

The KLF (also known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu and The Timelords) were a prominent force in the British acid house movement during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The group were known for their disregard for conventions, subverting the worlds of art and music by crafting whole tracks from samples, writing a cynical book on how to have a number 1 single, and even setting fire to £1,000,000! They also pioneered the stadium house sound that collided rock and rave influences with hip-hop beats and sampled crowd noise.

Following previous success with cult classics What Time Is Love?Justified And Ancient and Last Train To Trancentral, Almighty's People Of 'K' feat. Crystal have now turned their hands to the concluding single in the stadium house series...

'3AM Eternal' was released in numerous versions between 1989 and 1992. In January 1991 a mainstream version of the song was produced and became an international top 10 hit single, topping the UK Singles Chart and reaching number five on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100! This success led to The KLF becoming the internationally biggest-selling singles band of 1991! The following year The KLF accepted an invitation to perform at the 1992 Brit Awards ceremony and caused controversy with a succession of anti-establishment gestures during the performance of this track. The performance ended with the announcement that "The KLF have now left the music business". Within a few months, they did just that - their records were deleted and remain hard-to-find collectable classics.

This single features two brand new versions of '3AM Eternal', with mixes by Almighty and the Almighty Boys both guaranteed to light up dancefloors with all the vibrant energy of the original! Featuring gorgeous vocals from Crystal and a hard-hitting production style People Of K are gonna rock y'all!