Natalie Browne - True Faith (Digital Single)

Natalie Browne - True Faith (Digital Single)


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1. True Faith (Definitive Radio Edit)
2. True Faith (Definitive Mix)
3. True Faith (Definitive Dub)
4. True Faith (Definitive Instrumental)
5. True Faith (Transensual Radio Edit)
6. True Faith (Transensual Mix)
7. True Faith (Transensual Dub)
8. True Faith (Transensual Instrumental)

‘True Faith’ is a song originally by New Order and has remained one of their most popular songs to this day.
New Order wrote and recorded ‘True Faith’ and ‘1963’ with producer Stephen Hague, as new material for their first singles compilation album ‘Substance 1987’. After these songs were recorded, the band’s US management decided that ‘True Faith’ was the stronger track and would be released as the new single.
It was released in the UK as two separate 12” singles. The second 12” single featured two remixes by Shep Pettibone – both versions included the B-Side ‘1963’. 

Following New Order’s success ‘True Faith’ has been covered by many, most notably English singer George Michael’s 2011 cover, in support of Comic Relief. This version was a very different take on the original, with the general tempo of the track being the most obvious difference. 

Natalie Browne’s version has always been a popular Hi-NRG version, as featured in the Queer As Folk soundtrack and on the 2005 ‘Justified: The Best Of Natalie Browne’ album.

In 2005, four mixes were available as very low quality MP3 downloads. We have now pulled the original files from our archive, which have been remastered, re-uploaded and are now available in high quality audio format!