Evelyn Thomas - Reflections (Almighty Mixes) (Digital Single)

Evelyn Thomas - Reflections (Almighty Mixes) (Digital Single)


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1. Reflections (Almighty Radio Edit)
2. Reflections (Almighty Intro Mix)
3. Reflections (Almighty Club Mix)
4. Reflections (Almighty Instrumental)
5. Reflections (Almighty 90’s Remix)
6. Reflections (Almighty 90’s Instrumental)

The worldwide, 80's, Hi-NRG club sensation is back at Almighty, following up the hugely successful Almighty mixes of 'High Energy'Evelyn Thomas brings her iconic Hi-NRG sound to the 1967, psychedelic pop hit from Diana Ross and The Supremes... 'Reflections'!

'Reflections' was originally an 80's hit on the Record Shack label, produced by Ian Levine. It was first remixed by Almighty in the 90's and made a welcome appearance on the album 'The Almighty 12 Inches: Volume 2' in 1992. Now, almost 20 years later, it's back and even better than ever!

This reload is a bumper package, featuring the classic 'Almighty 90's Remix' and 'Almighty 90's Instrumental' alongside the new Almighty Mixes. Make sure you check out the amazing 'Almighty Intro Mix' with the stunning slow intro...!