It's the first of its kind, Who's That Girl!, Almighty's own dance act that remake Madonna's biggest tunes. Yep, the most famous pop songs made famous by the world's most famous lady pop'd up by the world's most famous NRG team! What a combination!

It all began in 1996 with a nostalgic cover of what has to be one of the best Maddie covers ever, 'Like A Prayer'! At that stage no-one had dared to touch Madonna songs. But the time was just right. Madonna herself was veering towards a more trendy sound and her late 80s tunes were being hailed as classics of that period. after the success of that first single (which had 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' as an extra track), the Who's That Girl! concept was well and truly underway. A few months later 'La Isla Bonita' backed with 'I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You' (another tune from 'Evita'). The commercial buzz on the Who's That Girl! version of 'Holiday' in 1999 was huge with the enormous demand for the Stardust vs Madonna bootleg. Almighty quickly made their version — it actually hit the stores just as the Stardust track was released and sold incredibly well, especially on vinyl! 'American Pie' was one we just couldn't resist. Having an early indication that the mixes on Maddie's version were more trendy than pop, we thought it was absolutely the perfect choice!

In the year 2000, Almighty observed the global re-interest in Madonna and decided to to start work on a Who's That Girl album. That 2 CD album, 'Exposed', which contains all those previous Who's That Girl! single releases was released in May 2001 on Almighty. It has had very favourable reactions from Almighty supporters and from fans of the lady herself. That was the risk, would it be sacrilege to touch Madonna. We've rather proved that we've not been at all disrespectful to her back catalogue. We've remade these songs with our own edge, not simply made throwaway cheesy pop covers.

This fabulous selection also includes 'Live To Tell', 'Rain', 'Open Your Heart', 'The Power Of Good-bye', 'Burning Up', 'Justify My Love' and a special bonus continuously mixed CD.

In November 2002, a new Who's That Girl! single was released with brand new updated remixes of 'Express Yourself' and 'Holiday'.

Who’s That Girl! Albums:

Exposed (ALMYCD035)
We Love Madonna (ALMYCD087)

Who’s That Girl! Singles:

Like A Prayer / Express Yourself (ALMY100)
La Isla Bonita (ALMY111)
Holiday (ALMY131)
American Pie (ALMY152)
What It Feels Like For A Girl / Holiday (ALMY162)
The Power Of Goodbye (ALMY166)
Holiday / Express Yourself (ALMY176)
Masterpiece (ALMY298)
O Superman (ALMY314)
Live To Tell (ALMY320)
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (ALMY321)
Open Your Heart (ALMY343)
Justify My Love (ALMY346)

Marcus Fisher