Ever since her first Almighty cover of Celine Dion's 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now' in 1996, Natalie Browne has continued to impress with a number of dance covers scaling a wide spectrum of music, each time offering a unique perspective and interpretation. In addition to this, Natalie has been involved in some original productions too, most notably 'From Here To Eternity' written by highly prolific pop legends Mike Stock and Matt Aitken from the production team ‘Stock Aitken Waterman’. All in all, Natalie Browne’s sensational work with Almighty has cemented a legacy that is always worth revisiting!

Natalie Browne Albums:

Justified: The Best Of Natalie Browne (ALMYCD051)

Natalie Browne Singles:

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now (ALMY096)
Lovefool (ALMY103)
Torn (ALMY117)
My Favourite Game / Justified (ALMY139)
Marvellous (ALMY148)
Breathless (ALMY156)
Whole Again (ALMY164)
From Here To Eternity (ALMY169)
Fascinated / Justified (ALMY202)
Once (ALMY258)
That Sounds Good To Me (ALMY259)
True Faith (ALMY349)

Marcus Fisher