Hannah Jones is one of Britain’s most talented performers. With her unique and gutsy powerhouse vocal she is one of those true divas who has stood the test of time — as popular now as she was when her debut release ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ reached the UK Top 30 in 1991.

Hannah is an artist who can really cut it live! She is a truly great performer and is constantly in demand for personal appearances all over the world. In the States Hannah has enjoyed considerable success. In 1998 she spent six weeks performing in clubs and stadiums promoting her debut US album ‘Rise’, released on BMG/Ariola. Two singles from this acclaimed album, ‘No One Can Love You More Than Me’ and ‘You Only Have To Say You Love Me’ have both been huge US club successes — the latter actually spending many weeks climbing the prestigious Billboard Hot 100! Since then a further single for BMG/Ariola entitled ‘What The Child Needs’ has created a stir in the US.

In 1999 Hannah’s track ‘Love On’ has become an underground DJ favourite and top US label Nervous have picked up ‘Was That All It Was’ for release in the States commissioning trendy mixes from Razor N Guido and Lenny Fontana. At the time of writing it is currently high in the US Billboard Dance Chart on sales of the 12" and CD maxi single. The Americans certainly love our Hannah!

In the UK, Hannah has enjoyed several club hits including: ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’‘Young Hearts Run Free’ (with mixes from Love To Infinity, Way Out West and Loveland), ‘It Should Have Been You’‘No One Can Love You More Than Me’ and more recently ‘You Only Have To Say You Love Me’.

In May ’99, East Side released Hannah’s first single in two years, a fabulous remake of the classic Jean Carne track ‘Was That All It Was’. It was very well received and was huge in clubs with an incredible mix package including top remix teams such as Love To Infinity, Rhythm Masters and Almighty.

Then came ‘More To This’, a brilliantly written and performed pop song that boasts a selection of remixes including Almighty and Xavier Ramirez. Ramirez delivers the goods big time on the bonus cut, a wicked cover of the anthem ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ — this Xavier Ramirez Tribal Club Mix is a guaranteed dancefloor favourite! Two other tracks have been recent single releases for Hannah, 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' (with mixes from Love To Infinity and Wayne G) and to bring us right up-to-date, 'In The Name Of Love' (with mixes from Tony Moran, Love To Infinity and Almighty).

And as for that stunning 16 track debut album for East Side, ‘Coming Back For More’, it is one hell of an album!

Hannah’s reputation as a live performer is cast in stone. Her diva empowering attitude and presence on stage is something you just can’t ignore. She brings both warmth and passion to every performance. Hannah is in constant demand for live PAs in clubs and stage concerts on both sides of the Atlantic. She has previously performed at Summer Rites, the internationally renowned London gay festival, many other Gay Pride events and headlined at Manchester's Mardi Gras.

Hannah Jones Albums:

Hannah Jones: The Remixes (ALMYCD046)
We Love Hannah Jones (ALMYESIDEDD401)
Coming Back For More (ESIDE001)

Hannah Jones Singles:

Young Hearts Run Free (ALMY054)
Coming Back For More (ALMY058)
Rise (ALMY063)
I Am What I Am (ALMY088)
I Am What I AM / Bridge Over Troubled Water (ALMY183)
I Like It (ALMY301)
Too Much To Remember (ALMY307)
Feels Like Heaven (ALMY310)
Push (ALMY310)
I Was Born To Love You (ALMY317)
And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (ALMY338)
I Bring You Love (ALMY340)
Love On (ALMY359)
It Should have Been You (SIDE001)
No One Can Love You More Than Me (SIDE002)
Was That All It Was (SIDE004)
More To This (SIDE005)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (SIDE006)
In The Name Of Love (SIDE007)
You Only Have To Say You Love Me (SIDE008)
And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (SIDE013)

Marcus Fisher