Belle Lawrence has been recording with Almighty since 2002 and due to the success of her dance hits over the years, it’s been said that she has become our go-to vocalist and our fans' favourite Almighty darling! Her catalogue with Almighty has grown extensively, with her fantastic cover of Adele’s ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ being a particular success. With a host of singles (check out the list below!) and three fantastic albums, it would be hard to find an Almighty fan without Belle Lawrence in their collection!

She can pop-up a rock song like 'California Dreaming' or 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'; raise the spirit of even the most sombre track, like 'Jar Of Hearts' or Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah'; and well, you all know she can Almighty-fy the latest chart hits like 'Let It Go' and 'Counting Stars'. Her versatility really knows no bounds!

Belle’s first album ‘Handbag Heaven: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ was also the first in the dazzling ‘Handbag Heaven’ series. With Belle Lawrence as the focus for the first edition in the spotlight, Almighty delivered one of the most thorough and complete collections to date. ‘Handbag Heaven’ aims even higher, combining classic commercial flair with just the right progressive and underground touches through an amazing array of bonus tracks and alternative remixes. Due to the success of this debut, another Handbag Heaven collection followed ‘Let This Feeling…’ as yet another fantastic collection of some of Belle Lawrence’s biggest and best dance floor favourites!

In 2015, we released the fully-loaded 25-track digital album ‘Belle Lawrence: The Definitive Collection’ as part of our 25th Anniversary collections. This release went down a storm and proved to be the most definitive Belle Lawrence collection for new fans of both Belle and Almighty!

Belle Lawrence Albums:

Handbag Heaven: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (ALMYCD055)
Handbag Heaven: Let This Feeling… (ALMYCD068)
Belle Lawrence: The Definitive Collection (ALMYDD4112)

Belle Lawrence Singles:

The Closest Thing To Crazy (ALMY187)
Never Trust A Stranger (ALMY198)
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (ALMY212)
Bad Day (ALMY214)
When You Were Young (ALMY219)
Love Don’t You Go Through No Changes On Me (ALMY224)
With Every Heartbeat (ALMY228)
I Thought It Was Over (ALMY235)
Hallelujah (ALMY241)
The Fear (ALMY245)
When Love Takes Over (ALMY247)
Human (ALMY248)
Set Fire To The Rain (ALMY278)
Jar Of Hearts (ALMY282)
Whispering Your Name (ALMY283)
Born To Die (ALMY292)
All Systems Go (ALMY294)
Love’s Unkind (ALMY297)
I Begin To Wonder (ALMY305)
Don’t You Forget About Me (ALMY306)
Make You Feel My Love (ALMY332)
Baby Get Higher (ALMY337)
How To Save A Life (ALMY372)
Skyfall (ALMY377)
Sweet About Me (ALMY390)
Chasing Pavements (ALMY391)
Counting Stars (ALMY400)
Let It Go (ALMY409)
Another Love (ALMY410)
Firework (ALMY416)
Self Control (ALMY422)
Shut Up And Dance (ALMY431)
Sugar (ALMY432)
I Promised Myself (ALMY433)
When We Were Young (ALMY438)
Evergreen (UPHO024)
Whenever Wherever (UPHO025)

Marcus Fisher