Paul Parker - Ian Anthony Stephens Presents: The Definitive Collection (Including The 12" Mixes)

Paul Parker - Ian Anthony Stephens Presents: The Definitive Collection (Including The 12" Mixes)


Physical 2xCD Album + Additional 2xCDR


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Disc 1

1. Desire (12" Original Mix)
2. Don't Play With Fire (Radio Edit)
3. Somebody To Love (Radio Edit)
4. Without Your Love (12" Original Mix)
5. Just One More Touch (Duet With Marianna) (12" Original Mix)
6. One More Hurt (12" Original Mix)
7. Excite Me (Radio Edit)
8. Time After Time (12" Original Mix)
9. Ready Or Not (12" Original Mix)
10. Stop The Hands Of Time (12" Original Mix)
11. Stranger (In A Strange Land) (12" Original Solo Mix)
12. Shattered Dreams (Fantasia Radio Edit)

Disc 2

1. Wicked Game (12" East Side Mix)
2. Love In The Shadows (Radio Edit)
3. She's Not There (12" Original Mix)
4. With Or Without You (12" Original Mix)
5. Drive (Radio Edit)
6. In My Wildest Dreams (12" Original Mix)
7. Riders On The Storm (12" Original Mix)
8. I Will Do Anything (Set Me Free) (12" Original Mix)
9. Can U Feel Love Coming (12" Love It In London Mix)
10. Right On Target (90's Radio Edit)
11. I Finally Found Someone (Feat. Angie Gold) (12" Original Mix)
12. It's Your Destiny (Radio Edit)

Disc 3 (Additional CDR)

1. Don't Play With Fire (12" Original Mix)
2. Somebody To Love (12" Original Mix)
3. Excite Me (12" Original Mix)
4. Shattered Dreams (12" Fantasia Mix)
5. Running Around In Circles (Duet With Pamala Stanley) (12" Original Mix)
6. Love In The Shadows (12" Original Mix)
7. Drive (12" Original Mix)
8. Right On Target (12" Original 90's Mix)
9. It's Your Destiny (12" Original Mix)

Disc 4 (Additional CDR)

1. Don't Play With Fire (12" No Angel Mix)
2. Ready Or Not (Alternate Mix)
3. Time After Time (12" Original Remix)
4. Running Around In Circles (Duet With Pamala Stanley) (12" Alternative Mix)
5. In My Wildest Dreams (12" Original Remix)
6. One More Hurt (12" 90's Remix)
7. Can U Feel Love Coming (12" Trinity Mix)
8. Wicked Game (12" Wicked Mountain Mix)
9. Riders On The Storm (12" Remix)

Almighty are proud to present the first album release of our joint endeavour with Fantasia Records 'Ian Anthony Stephens Presents: Paul Parker - The Definitive Collection'!

Following on from the success of the 'Shattered Dreams' single from July this bumper 2 disc album plus 2 bonus CD-R set features all of the Hi-NRG star's biggest hits from the 80's and 90's right up to new Fantasia mixes made for the modern dancefloor! Once again Almighty have been working behind the scenes with Hi-NRG songwriter and producer Ian Anthony Stephens to refresh and compile this stunning selection, which serves as the true Definitive salute to Paul Parker's fantastic catalogue of music!

Disc One features the biggest and best tracks from Paul's work in the 80's, focusing on his years at Fantasia Records. This twelve track NRG feast includes full length mixes of 'Desire', 'Without Your Love', and 'Time After Time' as well as specially edited versions of 'Excite Me', 'Don't Play With Fire' and the Fantasia Radio Edit of 'Shattered Dreams' from the smash hit single! Other highlights of Disc One include Paul's stunning duet with Marianna on 'Just One More Touch' and a solo version of 'Stranger (In A Strange Land)'. All tracks have been handpicked and compiled by Ian Anthony Stephens especially for this album release.

Disc Two moves onto Paul Parker's later work in the 90's and his releases on Klone Records. Starting off with his divine cover of 'Wicked Game' this disc moves through classics such as 'Love In The Shadows' and 'With Or Without You'. Also included is the 1995 version of the Patrick Cowley penned mega-hit 'Right On Target', which will undoubtedley be familiar to all Hi-NRG fans!

Further more, the album also included two limited edition bonus CD-R discs featuring the full 12" mixes as well as a range of alternative mixes including the Wicked Mountain Mix of 'Wicked Game' and a 90's Remix of 'One More Hurt' featuring NRG diva Angie Gold!

Please note that this limited edition package includes the standard Paul Parker Definitive Collection 2CD album plus a separate 2CDR set in supplied in a plastic wallet with artwork.