Various - Ultimate Queer As Folk: The Best Of And More

Various - Ultimate Queer As Folk: The Best Of And More


Physical 2xCD Album


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Disc 1

1. Murray Gold — Queer As Folk Theme
2. Suede — Beautiful Ones
3. The Kinky Boyz feat. Kia — Sexy Boy (Definitive Mix)
4. Rick Astley — Never Gonna Give You Up
5. Diana Ross — I'm Coming Out (Almighty 12" Anthem Mix)
6. Daddy's Favourite — I Feel Good Things For You (Original 12" Mix)
7. BBC Radiophonic Workshop — Doctor Who
8. Shaft — Mucho Mambo
9. O.T Quartet — Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix)
10. Urban Cookie Collective — The Key, The Secret
11. Steps — Last Thing On My Mind (Wip't Up In The Disco Mix)
12. Jimmy Somerville — Can't Take My Eyes Off You
13. The Weather Girls — It's Raining Men
14. Heather Small — Proud (Peter Presta Mixshow)

Disc 2 - Queer As Folk Megamix (01:15:59)

1. Utopia - Feel The Need In Me
Who's That Girl! - Holiday (Bootleg Mix)
Indigo - I Don't Know What I'd Do (If You Ever Left Me) (Funky Rhythm Mix)
Respect feat. Hannah Jones - Young Hearts Run Free (Almighty Mix)
Mitzi B - Ain't No Love Ain't No Use (Almighty Go Disco Mix)
Indigo - Use It Up And Wear It Out (Club Mix)
Kia - Better The Devil You Know (Definitive Mix)
Deja Vu - Uninvited (Fired Up Mix)
Respect feat. Shirley Lewis - Armed & Extremely Dangerous (Mary Brazzle Mix)
Indigo - Haven't You Heard (Funky Rhythm Mix)
Who's That Girl! - Like A Prayer (12" Mix)
Disco Divas - Free Gay and Happy (Anthem Mix)
Obsession - Love Pains (Definitive Mix)
Deja Vu feat. Tasmin - To Deserve You (Fired Up Mix)
Rochelle - Mouth (Definitive Mix)
Bianca - Crush (Fired Up Mix)
Rapport feat. Rochelle - To Love You More (Fired Up Mix)
Tammy Haywood - How Could He Do This To Me (Club Mix)
Respect feat. Hannah Jones - I Am What I Am (Definitive Mix)
Full Frontal - You Think You're A Man (Definitive Mix)
Abbacadabra - S.O.S. (Almighty Club Class Filtered Mix)
Jackie 'O' - Save Tonight (Club Mix)
Natalie Browne - True Faith (Definitive Mix)
The Kinky Boyz feat. Kia - Sexy Boy (Definitive Mix)
Abbacadabra - Mamma Mia (Definitive Mix)


The groundbreaking UK anthology series that started a worldwide phenomenon is celebrated here with the arrival of this dazzling new Almighty double CD, 
'ULTIMATE QUEER AS FOLK: the best of and more'.

Is without doubt the ultimate and definitive collection of "Queer As Folk" essentials, featuring many new tracks and mixes that have been featured on the show's international editions. Collector's should note that this beautifully packaged double disc set includes exclusive material that was not included in the first two UK soundtrack volumes ( both of which are now deleted! )

A brilliant, NEW Almighty remix of the classic DIANA ROSS anthem "I'm Coming Out" debuts on this set, along with the DISCO DIVAZ'S uplifting "Free, Gay And Happy" and there's more! The 'DR WHO' theme, which played such a major part in one of the main story lines of the show, is finally included as well, along with the dazzling PETER PRESTA remix of HEATHER SMALL'S 'Proud', the poignant theme from the memorable finale of the long-running American version of this acclaimed series. Classic gay anthems abound, with the first disc serving up hit after hit after hit in their full, original, unaltered versions. 

And yet it's the second disc that is the real piece de resistance: 
The Canal Street megamix,
a non-stop mix courtesy of the Almighty team that features the creme de la creme in terms of Almighty gay club favourites. This is a set that no collector should miss---but that's only part of the story!

There's also a second collection, available exclusively through the Almighty website and a handful of selected gay retail outlets throughout the world. This second double-disc set celebrates both the musical history of "Queer As Folk" and the legendary Almighty team who, more than any other international dance production house, have played such an integral part in providing the soundtrack to the most successful gay television program in history. This second volume, entitled "Ultimate Queer As Folk: Almighty 12" Club Mixes"
is a special edition for collectors and DJ's that spotlights, for the first time ever, some of the biggest and best Almighty contributions to gay culture and, more specifically, to the ''Queer As Folk' phenomenon worldwide. It is an extremely limited edition package that includes all full, unmixed 12" versions, many of which have never been featured on any CD compilation before.EVER.!!

When you check out the complete track listings below, I'm sure you'll agree that these brand new Almighty compilations are truly the 'Ultimate' and the most definitive "Queer As Folk" collections ever assembled. On the old DMA rating scale of one-to-ten, both of these double disc sets would receive enthusiastic elevens! FLM!---Dean Ferguson