Various - Almighty Gay Anthems 1

Various - Almighty Gay Anthems 1


Physical 2xCD Album


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Disc 1

1. Carolyn Winters — Crazy (12" Almighty Mix)
2. Lifedance — The Wings (Theme From Brokeback Mountain) (12" Almighty Anthem Mix)
3. Indigo — Haven't You Heard (Radio Mix)
4. Belle Lawrence — Bad Day (12" Almighty Mix)
5. Disco Divas — Free Gay & Happy (Almighty Go Disco Mix)
6. Jackie 'O' — Filthy Gorgeous (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit)
7. Obsession — Viva Viva (Latin Mix)
8. The Kinky Boyz — You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Definitive Radio Edit)
9. Tima Reece — Crazy 'Bout You (Almighty Anthem Mix)
10. 3am featuring Tracey Cole — Somebody Told Me (Almighty Anthem Radio Mix)
11. Deja Vu feat. Tasmin — That's My Goal (Definitive Mix)
12. Natalie Browne — Fascinated (Almighty Anthem Mix)

Disc 2 - In The Mix

1. Carolyn Winters - Crazy (12" Almighty Mix)
Indigo - Haven't You Heard (Funky Rhythm Mix)
Belle Lawrence - Bad Day (12" Almighty Mix)
Lifedance - The Wings (Theme From Brokeback Mountain) (12" Almighty Anthem Mix)
Disco Divas - Free Gay & Happy (Almighty Go Disco Mix)
Obsession - Viva Viva (3AM Mix)
The Kinky Boyz - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Definitive Mix)
Jackie 'O' - Filthy/Gorgeous (Almighty Anthem Mix)
Tima Reece - Crazy 'Bout You (Dataluxe Mix)
3am featuring Tracey Cole - Somebody Told Me (Almighty Anthem Mix)
Natalie Browne - Fascinated (Almighty Anthem Mix)
Deja Vu feat. Tasmin - That's My Goal (12" Definitive Mix)

'Almighty presents Gay Anthems' to be launched on digital platforms worldwide.

This Double album is the first in the series and contains many of the releases from this year, with the following tracks appearing for the first time on an Almighty album: 'That's My Goal''Crazy 'Bout You''Filthy / Gorgeous' and 'Somebody Told Me'.

Disc 1 contains many full 12" mixes including the Belle Lawrence track 'Bad Day' which is proving to be a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. There will be shouts of approval at Obsession's contribution to this masterpiece, 'Viva Viva' comes with 2 mixes, both equally as uplifting! Speaking of uplifting, also included on this release is the theme from the blockbuster movie of the year, 'Wings (Theme From Brokeback Mountain)'performed by Almighty's Lifedance. We would have to be 'Crazy' not to include the Carolyn Winters rendition of the Gnarls Barkley chart topper. This release is one of our biggest sellers!

For Disc 2, the boys at Almighty have taken all the ingredients of above and expertly mixed them. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy CD2 'In The Mix'.