Various - We Love Euro (Volume 1)

Various - We Love Euro (Volume 1)


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Disc 1 (CDR Album)

1. Almighty Showgirls — Boys (Almighty Club Mix)
2. Italian Boyz — Future Brain (Almighty Pop'd Up Club Mix)
3. Belle Lawrence — Self Control (Matt Pop Club Mix)
4. Eva Leone — Call Me (Almighty Club Mix)
5. Almighty Boys — Face To Face, Heart To Heart (Matt Pop Club Mix)
6. Karen Lambert — Sound Of My Heart (Almighty Club Mix)
7. Italian Boyz — Dolce Vita (Almighty Radio Edit)
8. Belle Lawrence — Fantasy (Almighty Boys Club Mix)
9. Amazonia — Tarzan Boy (Matt Pop Club Mix)
10. Eva Leone — You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Almighty Radio Edit)
11. Italian Boyz — Bolero (Almighty Club Mix)
12. Systematik — Endless Road (Matt Pop Club Mix)


You asked for it and here it is! The much anticipated 'We Love Euro' album from Almighty Records, featuring dance mixes of Euro classics from the 1980's. Take a trip over the continent and back in time to when Italo disco and Euro pop ruled both the airwaves and the dancefloors. Jam packed with the NRGetic and pop'd up mixes that Almighty have become renowned for, and served with a side order of the ever-fabulous Matt Pop, this is a truly unmissable and irresistible collection for all fans of the genre!

Following on from our popular preview singles Dolce Vita, Boys and Self Control, this album packs twelve pumped-up Euro anthems onto one disc! Appearing on this release are six, exclusive productions as well as a previously unheard Radio Edit of one of our most popular releases, rounded off by a few of our all-time favourite Euro tracks from the Almighty catalogue. Taking suggestions from Almighty fans on our forum and social media channels, 'We Love Euro' includes the most in-demand requests alongside the Crew's own top picks and some long-lost gems from times gone by.

Unmissable highlights include the all-star Almighty Showgirls' return on Sabrina's 'Boys', complete with an upbeat party-starting Club Mix, the Lian Ross disco staple 'Fantasy' covered by our very own pop icon Belle Lawrence, and Karen Lambert's take on the melodic pop of 'Sound Of My Heart' originally by Sleeping Lions. Almighty fave Eva Leone has put her own European heritage to good effect by contributing authentic vocals to both 'Boys' and Spagna's 'Call Me' - close your eyes, take a listen, and try to tell them apart from the original artists!

That's not to say that the Boys have been outnumbered though, with performances on 'Future Brain', 'Bolero' and 'Dolce Vita'. Plus check out Matt Pop's mix of 'Face To Face, Heart To Heart', which takes the 1982 Twins song and puts a truly modern electro spin on it! Don't be fooled by this album's focus on the 80's, it doesn't get more 2015 than this radical mix from the Dutch production wizard!

In addition we have selected a few enduring classics from previous years to round off this collection such as 'Tarzan Boy' and 'Endless Road' by Systematik as well as an exclusive Radio Edit of Eva Leone's 'You're My Heart, You're My Soul', the full length version of which originally appeared on 2014's Gay Anthems: A Sky Full Of Stars.

So take a trip with Almighty as we set off on our European tour to enjoy the sounds and songs of the 80's!