Tight Fit - Together

Tight Fit - Together


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Disc 1

1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Rainforest Radio Edit)
2. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Paraiso Radio Edit)
3. Secret Heart (South Beach Radio Edit)
4. Summer Son (Vesuvio Radio Edit)
5. Back To Love (Sunset Radio Edit)
6. Fantasy Island (Manzana Radio Edit)
7. Never Ending Story (SE11 Radio Edit)
8. 1-2-3 (Monkey Magic Radio Edit)
9. Rain (Monsoon Radio Edit)
10. I'm Undecided (Midas Radio Edit)

The album ‘Together’ is here from the band Tight Fit!

Topping the charts in 1982 with songs ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and ‘Fantasy Island’, the original line-up have been working with four different, talented club DJ’s and producers on 10 tracks to deliver a fresh, new sound that is sure to appeal to pop lovers of all ages.

This album project started, following a remix of the band's hit single ‘Fantasy Island’ by Almighty in 2010. This instantly became a club hit in bars and clubs across the UK. The band have since been asked to perform at 80's festivals and Gay Prides around Europe, as well as radio and TV appearances - which included playing live on Big Brother.

The new album ‘Together’, will be released on Almighty Records. This includes brand new recordings of their four previous singles, five covers and one song written especially for them. It puts a modern twist on their 80’s classics, bringing them up to date with new productions of the songs you already know and love, such as ‘Secret Heart’ and ‘I’m Undecided’. They’ve also added their dance fusion twist to their covers of ‘Never Ending Story’ and Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’, making them perfect for today!