Paul Parker - NRG Anthems

Paul Parker - NRG Anthems

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Disc 1

1. Somebody To Love (Almighty Radio Edit)
2. Love In The Shadows (Matt Pop Club Mix)
3. Wicked Game (Almighty Club Mix)
4. She's Not There (Ian Anthony Stephens Club Mix)
5. With Or Without You (Almighty Club Mix)
6. Right On Target (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
7. Can U Feel Love Coming (Almighty Club Mix)
8. Don't Play With Fire (Almighty Boys Club Mix)
9. Time After Time (Almighty Radio Edit)
10. Desire (Matt Pop Club Mix)
11. Without Your Love (Almighty Boys Club Mix)
12. Shattered Dreams (Almighty Club Mix)

Our best-selling NRG collection is back for the fifth instalment, with an incredible album featuring brand new productions from AlmightyMatt PopIan Anthony Stephens, and the Almighty Boys! Expect a full-on 80's journey back to the time when NRG ruled the dancefloor with this special edition focusing on legendary vocalist and songwriter Paul Parker!

Almighty Presents: Paul Parker - NRG Anthems kicks off with an uptempo Almighty Club Mix of the brilliantly catchy 'Somebody To Love', which will never leave your head once you hear it! Our favourite Dutch producer Matt Pop then brings his undeniable magic to 'Love In The Shadows' and 'Desire', putting a new disco spin on these 80's anthems. A further highlight of the album is the new Ian Anthony Stephens mix of 'She's Not There', which the Hi-NRG producer wanted to remix and update after revisiting the song whilst compiling Paul Parker's 'Definitive Collection' in September.

The album also brings together the mixes that Almighty have previously completed for Parker, including our take on his biggest hit with Patrick Cowley 'Right On Target', a newly edited Radio version of the Cyndi Lauper cover 'Time After Time', and of course the full Almighty Club Mix of 'Shattered Dreams' that kicked off the joint Almighty / Fantasia relationship.