Various - Almighty NRG Anthems Vol 3

Various - Almighty NRG Anthems Vol 3


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Disc 1

1. Pamala Stanley — Coming Out Of Hiding (Matt Pop Club Mix)
2. Almighty VS. Charade — Catch Me (I'm Falling In Love) (Ian Stephens Mix) 
3. Carol Hahn — Into The Night (Almighty Club Mix) 
4. Charade Feat. Norma Lewis — Got To Get To You (Almighty Radio Edit) 
5. Almighty VS. The 501's — We Are Invincible (Almighty Club Mix) 
6. Jimmy Somerville — Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Almighty Pop’d Up Radio Edit) 
7. Bad Boys Blue — Come Back And Stay (Almighty Mix) 
8. Evelyn Thomas — Reflections (Almighty Club Mix) 
9. Obsession — The Rumour (Almighty Definitive Radio Edit) 
10. Jackie Rawe — I Believe In Dreams (Matt Pop Club Mix) 
11. Belle Lawrence — Never Trust A Stranger (Almighty Definitive Radio Edit) 
12. Astaire — Love Trap (Ian Stephens Club Mix)

The best-selling NRG collection is back for a third installment, with a stunning NRG line-up featuring classic favourites and brand new mixes from AlmightyMatt Pop and Ian Stephens. All your favourite NRG stars from CharadePamala Stanley and Evelyn Thomas, plus, introducing for the first time on an Almighty compilation, AstaireAlmighty Vs. The 501's and Carol Hahn!

The album kicks off with one of the most iconic tracks from 1984 - Pamala Stanley's 'Coming Out Of Hiding'!  This was a huge club record and is considered a real gay anthem.  Matt Pop delivers a truly amazing mix that is perfect for 2011.

'Almighty Presents: NRG Anthems: Volume 3' includes 6 tracks never before on an Almighty compilation, such as the Passion classic 'Got To Get To You' and showcases 7 brand new productions / mixes of your favourite NRG hits such as 'Catch Me (I'm Falling In Love)', 'Into The Night' and 'We Are Invincible'...

As you may already know, Almighty are working on a forthcoming 'We Love Passion' project, in which approximately just 50% of the original recordings exist.  Unfortunately this includes the original recording parts of 'Catch Me' by Marsha Raven, however Almighty enlisted the original producer, Ian Anthony Stephens, to lend his support in creating this exciting, new remix version... and what a version it is!

Thanks also to Jason Davis for introducing us to US Diva Carol Hahn - her classic NRG track 'Into The Night' works perfectly with the new Almighty production.

'We Are Invincible' (a personal favourite of Almighty's MD Martyn Norris) is another exceptional Hi NRG anthem from the 80's, which was originally produced by Marvin Howell and Bob Mitchell. Marvin and Bob have previously worked with Almighty on the Hannah Jones project and Marvin was actually responsible for signing Hannah to BMG in the States!  'We Are Invincible' now has a new recording by Almighty, making this track even more uplifting than ever.  (An interesting snippet of trivia for you - The 501's were named after the must-have Levi jeans everyone was wearing at the time!)

This spectacular single album and additional, collectable CDR disc 2, features other must-have NRG highlights, ranging from Almighty's 2011 reloads 'Reflections' and 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' (the latter was originally created for Queer As Folk and has been updated for 2011) to all time favourites 'Never Trust A Stranger' and the much requested Bad Boys Blue -'Come Back And Stay'!  Plus the Definitive Mix of 'The Rumour' which has only ever appeared in the megamix of 'We Love Elton' before.

Almighty have created special singles of 3 of the most popular, iconic hits featured on the album.  'I Believe In Dreams', 'Coming Out Of Hiding' and 'Love Trap'!  Each with new remixes!

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