Various - Almighty: 2 Decades Of Dance

Various - Almighty: 2 Decades Of Dance


Physical 2xCD Album


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Disc 1 - 2000-2009 Megamix (01:17:20)

1. Belle Lawrence - Hallelujah (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix)
2. Almighty Feat. Eva Leone - Fireflies (Almighty 12” Essential Mix)
3. Carolyn Winters - Crazy (Almighty 12” Definitive Mix)
4. Jackie 'O' - I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Almighty 12” Mix)
5. Abbacadabra - If It Wasn't For The Nights (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix)
6. Jamie Knight - Run (Wayne G Popjustice Mix)
7. Belle Lawrence - Bad Day (Castro Boy 12" Mix)
8. People Of 'K' feat. Crystal - Justified And Ancient (12” Club Mix)
9. Jamie Knight - Bleeding Love (Almighty Pop'd Up Mix)
10. Almighty Cover Girlz - You're Beautiful (Almighty 12" Anthem Mix)
11. Almighty Showgirls - Your Disco Needs You (Almighty 12" Essential Mix)
12. Rochelle - Bring Me To Life (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Anthem)
13. Deja Vu feat. Tasmin - You Raise Me Up (Wayne G & Andy Allder Classic Anthem)
14. Cinnamon Feat. Alisha King - Viva La Vida (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Anthem)
15. Belle Lawrence - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Wayne G Popjustice Mix)
16. Almighty Cover Girlz - Hot N' Cold (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix)
17. Belle Lawrence - With Every Heartbeat (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix)
18. Tracey Cole - Speed Of Sound (Almighty Anthem Mix)
19. Obsession - In Private (Almighty Anthem Mix)
20. Ignition-X - There's Nothing I Won't Do (Wayne G & Porl Young Hands In The Air Mix)

Disc 2 - 1990-1999 Megamix (01:17:00)

1. Tabu feat. Mitzi B - Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) (Almighty Go Disco Mix)
Indigo - Perfect Day (Almighty Anthem Mix)
Jackie 'O' - When You're Gone (Wayne G & Andy Allder T Dance Mix)
The Kinky Boyz - The Only Way Is Up (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix)
Respect feat. Hannah Jones - Young Hearts Run Free (Dancing Divaz Mix)
Deja Vu feat. Tasmin - My Heart Will Go On (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix)
Abbacadabra - Dancing Queen (Almighty Definitive Mix)
Respect feat. Shirley Lewis - Armed & Extremely Dangerous (Mary Brazzle Vocal Mix)
Almighty Feat. Kia - So Young (Almighty Definitive Mix)
Back To Basics - Please Forgive Me (Almighty 12” Definitive Mix)
Rochelle - Think Twice (Almighty 12" Essential Mix)
Respect feat. Hannah Jones - I Am What I Am (Mary Brazzle Vocal Mix)
Deja Vu feat. Tasmin - To Deserve You (Wayne G Classic Mix)
Rochelle - Love Is A Battlefield (Wayne G & Andy Allder Afterhours Mix)
Obsession - Never Ending Story (Almighty Nrgetically Executed Mix)
Rochelle - Perfect Moment (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
Sarah Washington - I Will Always Love You (Mary Brazzle Mix)
Deja Vu feat. Tasmin - Don't Speak (Almighty 12" Essential Mix)
Obsession - Suspicious Minds (Almighty Definitive Mix)
Royal 'T' - Baby Don't Cha Leave Me This Way (Illusive Mix)

‘Almighty: 2 Decades Of Dance’ is our stunning 20th anniversary collection, showcasing over 12 new mixes of our most popular tracks over the last 20 years.

We can’t believe it was 10 years ago that we put together our 10th anniversary edition, ‘Almighty Anthems: A Decade Of Dance’ - that was at the end of 1999, when we were still making 12” vinyl! We hope you enjoy this ‘best of’ collection, filled with our personal favourites, best-sellers and new, updated releases.

For this celebration album, we consulted ‘Almighty Anthems: A Decade Of Dance’ and followed a similar format, while keeping in mind how styles have now radically changed - moving from trance and funky house, back to more charged electro house, all of which Almighty have adapted into their own style to suit the times. This ultimate collectionspans two decades, and includes all the tracks that in 2010 still remain our very best sellers over the full twenty years! Plus the bonus 'Fireflies' which is cherry-picked for 2010's best-seller.

The manufactured album is a spectacular Megamix collection with 20 tracks on each disc - Disc One: 2000 - 2009; Disc Two: 1990 – 1999. Plus it contains over 12 mixes of some of our most popular tracks!

Besides Almighty's roster of in-house producers and mixers, for this album we have also enlisted the expertise of remixer Wayne G to revitalise some of our most “anthemic” tracks. This time, the album also picks out not just the best Almighty tracks, but also includes top sellers from our sister labels Euphoric and Daisy Chain.

Check out the limited edition discs 3 and 4, which are full quality CDR discs with all the new 12” versions separated to accompany the project.

Thank you to all the Almighty fans and supporters all over the world!