Various - Almighty Definitive Collection 7

Various - Almighty Definitive Collection 7


Physical 2xCD Album


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Disc 1

1. Kimberley Locke — Band Of Gold (Almighty Club Mix)
2. Diana Ross — The Boss (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix)
3. Almighty Showgirls — That's What Love Can Do (Love To Infinity Radio Edit)
4. Cilla Black — Step Inside Love (Almighty 12” Mix)
5. Scarlette Fever — Lovestruck (Almighty 12” Mix)
6. Almighty Divas — It's My Time (Almighty Definitive Radio Edit)
7. Mica Paris — The Hardest Thing (Almighty 12” Mix)
8. Erasure — Chains Of Love (Almighty 12” Definitive Mix)
9. Belle Lawrence — Human (Almighty 12” Essential Mix)
10. Almighty Divas Feat. Jamie Knight — My Life Would Suck Without You (Almighty Definitive Radio Edit)
11. Cilla Black — Anyone Who Had A Heart (Almighty 12” Definitive Mix)
12. Diana Ross — Lovin', Livin' and Givin' (Almighty 12” Mix)

Disc 2 - Drive Time Non-Stop Mix (01:06:12)

Once again Almighty have delivered a true 'Best Of' collection, showcasing top artists from around the world alongside our own Almighty artists, all encapsulated in the renowned Almighty style!

It's a bumper edition for the Definitive Collection - the second installment this year! With so many fantastic tracks to include from Diana Ross, Erasure and Cilla - we just couldn't resist!

*2 New Cilla Black Remixes!
*2 New Diana Ross Remixes!
*Exclusive Almighty Erasure Remix!
*Drive Time Non-Stop Mix!
*Exclusive 'We Love Stock, Aitken, Waterman' Remix!
*Scarlette Fever - new track hitting the clubs right now!
*Plus even more.... keep reading for more info...!

Following on from the success of 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' on 'Almighty - The Definitive Collection 6', Almighty's spectacular remixes of Diana Ross classics are back! This time Almighty have worked their dancefloor magic on 'The Boss' and 'Lovin', Livin' And Givin'' and these exclusive remixes feature the original Diana Ross vocals!  'The Boss' is probably one of the most sought after Diana Ross tracks ever and, as well as being one of the most popular songs from the disco era, it is also a gay classic!  'Lovin', Livin' And Givin''  seemed another great track to include on this release, as it was the original B-side on 'The Boss' release. These tracks are now all in perfect time - which the originals never were. Keep watching for more Diana Ross remixes coming soon...!

Cilla Black is undoubtedly the Queen of British Pop and is currently back in the spotlight as the industry celebrates her 45th year in the music business with a fun and funky new release from EMI 'Cilla: All Mixed Up'! Almighty are very proud to have remixed 4 of the 12 tracks on this exciting project and 2 of these special commissions are featured here on 'Almighty The Definitive Collection 7' - the cult McCartney and Lennon track 'Step Inside Love' and the No. 1 hit 'Anyone Who Had A Heart'!

Monday, September 7th saw the release of a new remixed single of Cilla's 1970s hit 'Something Tells Me'. The song was originally used as the theme tune for the 1971 series of Cilla's BBC TV variety show and also for the last few years as the soundtrack to Ferrero Rocher's TV ad. Here at Almighty, we're giving you the chance to win 1 of 10 promo copies of the Almighty remixes of the single, including the Almighty Radio Edit which is the lead track on Cilla's new release! To win yourself one of these limited, exclusive promos, click on Something's Gonna Happen... to visit the Almighty Store and enter our competition today!

Scarlette steps up to the mark and delivers a fun and catchy number for our latest Definitive Collection, as do the Almighty Divas with their best-seller of the year - the dancefloor version of 'It's My Time', keeping this album fresh and on the pulse of the best of today's music. The popular 'My Life Would Suck Without You' with vocals from one of our top artists Jamie Knight is also featured in this collection, as is the desirable Essential Mix of 'Human' with its 1st feature on an Almighty album! Almighty has also offered up a teaser from the sound of tomorrow with a preview from next year's forthcoming 'We Love Stock, Aitken and Waterman' album... 'That's What Love Can Do'! It's a must-have mix from fellow top remixers - Love To Infinity!

Almighty have been back in collaboration with Curb Records since the success of Kaci's 'I Will Learn To Love Again' and The Bellamy Brothers' 'Let Your Love Flow' which featured on 'Almighty The Definitive Collection 6'. This latest Definitive Collection showcases the talents of 'Kimberley Locke' with an impressive version of 'Band Of Gold'! This is the first time Kimberley's biggest seller is featured on an Almighty album!

Earlier this year, Almighty were approached by 80's and 90's success story Erasure to remix 'Chains Of Love'. This exciting commission is the 1st of 2 Erasure remixesAlmighty have in production! Almighty's dance background is the perfect companion for these electro-pop tracks. The exclusive 'Essential Mix' will be appearing on our new album series 'Almighty Essentials' before the end of the year!

Soul sensation Mica Paris embarks on her triumphant return this year! Following on from the success of her 5 previous albums, Mica has been back in the studio and her latest album 'Born Again' is out now! The fantastic, up-tempo number 'The Hardest Thing' is already proving to be a top favourite and we just love the Almighty version that 'pops up' this tremendous track for dancefloors worldwide! We hope you enjoy this fantastic track as part of the Definitive Collection, in particular the seamless mixing of it in the Drive Time Non-Stop Mix...!

The Drive Time Non-Stop Mix is now synonymous with Almighty and, as you'd expect, this mix is of the high standard you've come to know... Over 1 hour of expertly mixed tracks makes this resplendent little disc your own personal DJ!