Various - Almighty NRG Anthems Vol 1

Various - Almighty NRG Anthems Vol 1


Physical 2xCD Album


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Disc 1

1. Hazell Dean — Searchin' (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
2. Simone — It's Too Late (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit)
3. Real Life — Send Me An Angel (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
4. 3AM feat. Tracey Cole — Where Were You Last Night (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit)
5. Miquel Brown — So Many Men So Little Time (Almighty Definitive Mix)
6. Belle Lawrence — Love Is On The Rocks (Almighty Anthem Radio Edit)
7. Paul Parker — Right On Target (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
8. Obsession — I'm Alive (Almighty Definitive Radio Edit)
9. The Flirtations — Earthquake (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
10. Hannah Jones — I Am What I Am (Mary Brazzle Vocal Radio Edit)
11. Sinitta — So Macho (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
12. Abbacadabra — Lay All Your Love On Me (Almighty Definitive Radio Edit)
13. Lisa — Rocket To Your Heart (Almighty 12" Definitive Mix)
14. The Dream Girls — I Can Fly (Wayne G Heaven Anthem Mix Edit)

Disc 2 - In The Mix


Nothing sparks the soul and lifts one's spirits as effectively as uplifting, joyous dance music, and no contemporary dance brand is better at igniting that spark than Almighty. With this dazzling collection, the Almighty team has created the ultimate HiNRG cocktail party. The guest list includes treasured old friends like Paul Parker, Sinitta, The Flirtations, Lisa and Miquel Brown - all sporting exciting new Almighty remix ensembles for the dance party of the year!

Since the very beginnings, Almighty has worked on updating 70's Disco and 80's HiNRG / electro and has become well known as the master of these up-to-date dance version re-styles. The album includes many full length tracks never before heard on an album such as Obsession's 'I'm Alive', The Dream Girls' 'I Can Fly' and Simone's 'It's Too Late' the latter of which was the spectacular, best-selling by far, reloaded single from 2007, which is even better today! Even though most of the original tracks go back much further than the 90's, Almighty have brought them dancing their way into 2008 and they are far superior and better fitting in their modern form than ever!

From Manchester to Manhattan, the Hi-NRG 'sound' defined the direction of cutting edge club gear in the 1980s and early 1990s with big beats, buoyant melodies and ebullient vocals. Every Almighty fan knows how magical the label's contemporary club covers are and so, in keeping with the HiNRG theme, Almighty has carefully chosen to include here some of their most brilliant tributes to the most beloved era in dance music.

'Almighty Presents NRG Anthems' features an extensive range of gloss-finished NRG tracks ranging from 'So Macho' and 'So Many Men So Little Time' where the classic Almighty original productions have been re-made, to the perfectly obscure Euro NRG track 'Love Is On The Rocks', to the outstanding Wayne G mixes of 'I Can Fly' which are included in full for the first time on an Almighty album!

Luscious Tracey Cole takes on Ankie Bagger's 'Where Were You Last Night' and makes it her own, creating a brand-new Almighty 'classic' in the process. It's a perfect fit for a showcase that allows perennial favorites like Hazell Dean's 'Searchin'', Real Life's 'Send Me An Angel', and The Flirtations' glorious 'Earthquake' to mingle with intoxicating Almighty updates of Boystown favourites like 'Lay All Your Love On Me''I Am What I Am' and 'I Can Fly' by the brightest stars in the Almighty galaxy, including Abbacadabra, Belle Lawrence, Obsession and many others.

With its generous array of exclusive remixes of HiNRG classics and original Almighty productions, this is the uplifting party of the year!