Belle Lawrence - Handbag Heaven: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Belle Lawrence - Handbag Heaven: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams


Physical 2xCD Album


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Disc 1

1. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Almighty Anthem Mix)
2. At The End (Almighty Anthem Mix)
3. White Flag (Almighty Album Mix)
4. You're The Best Thing (Almighty Anthem Mix)
5. Love Is On The Rocks (Almighty Anthem Mix)
6. I Think We're Alone Now (Almighty Definitive Mix)
7. Baby Get Higher (Almighty Definitive Mix)
8. The Closest Thing To Crazy (Almighty Mix)
9. Evergreen (Club Mix)
10. I Promised Myself (Almighty Definitive Mix)

Disc 2 - The Megamix (01:09:16)

1. You're The Best Thing (Almighty Anthem Mix)
2. Whenever, Wherever (Club Mix)
3. How You Remind Me (Almighty Mix)
4. White Flag (Almighty Mix)
5. At The End (Almighty Anthem Mix
6. Love Is On The Rocks (Almighty Anthem Mix)
7. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Almighty Anthem Mix)
8. I Think We're Alone Now (Almighty Definitive Mix)
9. Never Trust A Stranger (Almighty Definitive mix)
10. Evergreen (Club Mix)
11. Baby Get Higher (Almighty Definitive Mix)
12. Miss Independent (Club Mix)
13. I Begin To Wonder (Club Mix)
14. The Closest Thing To Crazy (Almighty Mix)
15. Don't You Forget About Me (Almighty Mix)
16. I Promised Myself (Almighty Definitive Mix)

With the inaugural release of ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams: The Ultimate Belle Lawrence Collection', the Almighty label introduces a dazzling new compilation series called Handbag Heaven. With Belle Lawrence as the focus for the first edition in the spotlight, Almighty delivers one of their most thorough and complete collections ever, with the added bonus of five brand-new productions. These are brilliant full-length tracks that Almighty fans (and NRG enthusiasts the world over), are sure to find both irresistible and absolutely essential. 

‘Handbag Heaven’ aims even higher, combining classic commercial flair with just the right progressive and underground touches through an amazing array of bonus tracks and alternative remixes, especially for those wise bods who also purchase the limited-edition 3 disc set (a standard 2 disc format is also available). It’s simply the most exciting, most ambitious, and most innovative series ever from Almighty! 

Belle’s rendition of the underground Euro anthem 'Love Is On The Rocks' shows a side of Almighty that’s simultaneously passionate, seductive and progressive, with colossal big room potential. 'Baby Get Higher', written by 'Fame Academy' winner David Sneddon, is another major milestone in Belle’s Almighty history. This new collection includes the highly-prized original Almighty Definitive mix as well as the luscious Transensual remix, a must-have for all Almighty fans. The title track 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' is classic Almighty at their 'pop' best, with Belle delivering an emotional tour de force that absolutely soars on the brilliantly synthesised, melodic wings of one of the most engaging Almighty productions in years. It’s worth the price of the CD all by itself, as is her magnificent new remake of Nick Kamen’s 'I Promised Myself', a track that the Almighty purists are sure to adore. Ditto her marvellous new club cover of the D:Ream song 'U R The Best Thing', which is quintessential Almighty at their best. Belle also steps into the shoes of contemporary club sirens Kelly Clarkson, Dannii Minogue, Dido and more, taking over the vocal chores on some incredible Almighty ‘outside’ remix productions (including 'Miss Independent' and 'Whenever Wherever'), making them her own in the process. Her version of Dido’s 'White Flag' is the best we’ve ever heard. 

Ever since Belle introduced 'Evergreen', the incredible Almighty dance anthem cover version of the #1 UK pop hit, she’s been a favourite with NRG fans the world over. All of her biggest and best Almighty dance anthems are included here as well, including her magnificent vocal trance rendition of 'The Closest Thing To Crazy', and her spectacularly NRG-ised reworking of Kim Wilde’s 'Never Trust A Stranger', released earlier this year a single. With this wonderful Belle Lawrence set as it’s amazing debut (and a Jackie ‘O’ 'Handbag Heaven' due next year) we look forward to spending as much time in ‘Handbag Heaven’ as possible!

Dean Ferguson
New York 
December 2005