Various - Absolute Almighty Volume 13

Various - Absolute Almighty Volume 13

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Disc 1

1. Obsession — Upside Down
2. Obsession — Absolutely Not
3. Utopia — Love Is In The Air
4. Natalie Browne — True Faith (Definitive Mix)
5. Jackie Rawe — I Believe In Dreams (12" Full On Vocal)
6. Linda Taylor — Love In The Shadows (Definitive Mix)
7. Natalie Powers — Music To My Heart (Definitive Mix)
8. Rochelle — I Love You
9. Hannah Jones — Feels Like Heaven (Julian Gingell & Barry Stone Mix)
10. Deja Vu feat. Tasmin — Hold Your Head Up High (Definitive Mix)

Absolute Almighty Volume 13 features many tracks that have previously been edited or only appeared slimmed down on mixed comps! There's Natalie Browne 'True Faith', Obsession 'Absolutely Not', Linda Taylor 'Love In The Shadows' and Utopia 'Love Is In The Air', among others. Also included is an unreleased exclusive mix of Deja Vu featuring Tasmin 'Hold Your Head Up High'.